Saturday, September 30, 2006

(Fri)Days of our Lives

After coming back to the office from Paso Robles late Friday, looking at the high school football scoreboard up on the wall had my eyebrows raised so much, they make a bigger salary than I do now.

Here's a sampling:
Atascadero 17, Clovis 15 — In Clovis. On homecoming!
Nipomo 23, Cabrillo 7 — The Titans (3-1) have doubled their program's win total in four games this year.
West Bakersfield 37, Paso Robles 12 — I was there for that one, and it still had me shocked.
Santa Ynez 30, Templeton 27 — The Eagles lead their first Los Padres League game well into the fourth quarter before falling short.

The Atascadero victory gives Central Coast football a ton of legitimacy. The Nipomo win continues an unprecedented year of success that has to be a big step for the fledgling football program. Paso Robles' crushing defeat keeps in line with the Bearcats' Jekyll and Hyde routine. And Templeton was this close to silencing all those critics who knocked the Eagles for playing weaker competition in the Central Section but collapsed down the stretch.

Friday night was full of soap opera plotlines. It's too bad I couldn't be everywhere at once.


Anonymous said...

how come the greyhound game was deep in the newspaper and not on front page since they did beat a division 1 team?

Anonymous said...

I guess this does prove that Templeton has some amazing athletes. That was the game to be at friday night.

proud to br from Templeton

Anonymous said...

How come the Mission game always seems to have the least written about it, eventhough they played at SLO High, and could have had some coverage. I know there is limited coverage possibilities, but this is getting ridiculous. Two games finally played in the county and no coverage or photos ever? No other team has had to endure the hardships that this team has. The boys deserve some decent articles.

Anonymous said...

Mission stats are are not correct. They are made up. Just go back and look at their first game stats.

Anonymous said...

maybe a few people from templeton care about the templeton game and there little jump in league strength, but The Tribune is not going to sell any papers over it. The Tribune is a county paper and atascadero represented the whole county by beating Clovis. Templeton didn't even beat Santa Ynez. Well just another stupid tribune mistake I guess.

Joshua D. Scroggin said...

The Atascadero game was originally planned to be inside so we could give the two games we were covering in person the front-page coverage. Although the Greyhounds' win was much more impressive than losses by a couple of in-county teams, the result came in too late to change the original plan.

If we had known what the outcomes were going to be before the games, things may have looked different. But hindsight is after all 20/20.

As far as Mission Prep, we only had two available reporters Friday, and Templeton's first-ever LPL game and Paso Robles, the 2005 PAC 5 champions coming in on a two-game win streak, commanded the coverage.

And don't forget, Mission has had THREE games in the county. I was present for the first one, a lopsided loss to Coast Union in Cambria, which got tremendous front-page coverage.

Anonymous said...

Well there hasn't been much talk about the greyhounds at all this season, even after their two impressive wins against two undefeated teams from out of the area. I wonder if the greyhounds will get more respect for beating AG and if not them, maybe all the other league teams???!!!.....well who knows! but the tribune probably won't catch on until after the Paso game.

Anonymous said...

Interesting fact:
Atascadero jump +213 ranks on the to 106 place (in the state) after beating Clovis........not bad! Next closest area team is SLO at 140 !