Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Sorting through the scenarios

Wondering who's got the best chance to make the CIF-Southern Section football playoffs but wary of the impending Excedrin headache that goes along with dissecting the standings?

No worries. Your friendly neighborhood preps writer has done it all for you.

I spent more than a few minutes talking with athletic directors and football coaches Wednesday, trying to get a handle on the playoff scenarios.

Three teams from the PAC 7 are going and four from the Los Padres League. We won't know them all until Friday. But here's a quick guide to help you figure it out before you head to games this week.

Who's in: No matter what happens, Atascadero and San Luis Obispo have guaranteed spots in the playoffs in the PAC 7. In the LPL, Morro Bay, St. Joseph and Pioneer Valley are in. It's also official, Atascadero and St. Joseph have clinched league titles and No. 1 seeds (though San Luis Obispo can get a share of the PAC 7 crown if Paso Robles upsets Atascadero).

The final spot in the PAC 7 will go to Arroyo Grande as long as the Eagles beat San Luis Obispo on Friday. If Arroyo Grande loses and Paso Robles wins, the Bearcats will get the berth. If both teams lose, there will be a three-way tie between Arroyo Grande, Paso Robles and Righetti, and according to Lucia Mar athletic director Dwight MacDonald, Paso Robles would be in based on a low number draw at the beginning of the season.

Templeton will get an LPL spot with a win over Santa Maria, but the berth could go to Templeton even if it loses to Santa Maria today. In order for Nipomo to get in, the Titans need a Templeton loss and must beat St. Joseph, who's 6-0 in LPL play. Nipomo can also get in with a loss if Templeton falls and Morro Bay loses at Santa Ynez.

There. Hopefully, reading that was quick and painless. I'm going to go stick my head in the freezer.

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