Wednesday, January 03, 2007

There's gonna be a showdown

OK, this blog is about soccer — But don't click "back" yet.

Even though they're played on the same field locally, I know there's less interest in the pitch than the gridiron. Evidence: soccer ratings and attendance figures in the United States.

Also, I haven't gotten any complaints when soccer scores haven't been called in. Meanwhile, someone gets ommitted from a two-paragraph basketball roundup and it's the armageddon.

But hear me out on this one.

The PAC 7 boys soccer title may be in the balance Friday when Paso Robles (13-1-2, 2-0 PAC 7) hosts San Luis Obispo (14-2-1, 1-1 PAC 7).

The Bearcats and Tigers are off to great starts this season, and this game really makes things interesting. A Bearcats win gives them a cushy two-game lead in league play, putting pressure on San Luis Obispo and the rest of the PAC 7 to be perfect the rest of the season in hope of winning a championship.

But a Tigers win brings the Bearcats right back down to Earth, knotting them in the league standings. By Saturday, there could be a four-way tie for the PAC 7 lead and only three playoff spots to go around if San Luis Obispo pulls the minor upset.

Keep an eye on this race as it heats up.

Alright, now you can click back.

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Anonymous said...

There are many of us that are dedicated to the soccer game locally -- players, parents and coaches.
It's a great team sport where few kids get the glory in the press but many are involved in the success of a team.
Best of luck to all players this year as they also play in cold, tough, windy and sometimes rainy conditions. Thank you to all the fans who come out and support the teams.