Friday, March 16, 2007

Who's your Player of the Year?

One of the most stressful assignments I have in any given year is picking a Player of the Year and accompanying All-County team for any given sport.

The biggest debate between players often is this: Statistics versus success.

Let's take County Player of the Year for example. In general, there are two types of candidates. The best player on the best team. Or the player with the most impressive stats.

It makes my job easier if those candidates are the same person. Think Derrick Jasper in '05 and '06 and Hannah Donaghe this past season.

But when those people aren't one in the same, The Tribune (me in this case) has to make a subjective choice. I know what my criteria is. What I'd like to know is yours. The Readers. San Luis Obispo County.

We're talking about your players of the year here. Who would you like to see represent you for all eternity?

The most valuable player of the team with the best record? Or an impressive stat compiler from a less decorated team?


South County Sam said...

Good choice on player of the year.... numbers don't lie. You do bring up a good point though as to whether the best player on a great team is more deserving than a great player on a subpar team. I think Nipomo was just good enough for Saunders to get the nod... however if they would have been say 7-18 and not beat AG 3 times then you probably would have had to choose elsewhere...

Also when talking about the last two year's MVP's, Derrick Jasper. There's no doubt he was the best player in the county... but he was NOT on the best team. Mission Prep beat them BOTH years.

Aaron said...

One thing to keep in mind, too... where would these teams be without their respective players of the year?

Nipomo's boys most certainly wouldn't have made the playoffs without Saunders. The secret to beating the Titans this year was to give Saunders some attention but shut down the rest of the team and make Saunders beat you on his own. He was good enough to a lot of the time, and he's a program-establishing player. Nipomo is a respected opponent now, and no one could have said that before this year. Without him, Nipomo probably goes 7-18 and doesn't beat AG three times

Atascadero's girls had a good shot at the playoffs without Donaghe, but they certainly wouldn't have won the league. The Greyhounds were beating mediocre teams 36-31 without Donaghe, and were beaing the area's top teams comfortably with her. And when's the last time any girl in the area got the kind of interest from Division I schools she garnered? Last year's player of the year signed with a school transitioning from Division II, while this year's is going to a school that has a realistic shot at the national title every year, not to mention the academic reputation.

Anonymous said...

wrong, south county sam.

according to the rest of the civilized world, mission prep was busted for recruiting that covered BOTH years and was stripped of those victories over paso.

scroggins has it right. the bearcats were the best team.

Anonymous said...

So just wondering...where did Paso star Tyrone Armstrong transfer from after his freshman year? Did CIF or Paso ever look into whether this was a "legal" transfer... ie Did he move? Or did he use a false address?
Best team on paper or best team on the scoreboard? You decide.