Monday, May 26, 2008

More Clayton McDonald (Funny, I swear)

Sunday's story on Atascadero diver Clayton McDonald (READ HERE) and his battles with leukemia had a certain serious tone.

But here on the blog, I want to introduce readers to another side of Clayton. Yes, he's survived cancer three times. And one of the ways he's gotten through it all and remained sane has been with humor.

Check out this video and you'll see what I mean. Guaranteed laughs. (FYI: Clayton is the kid who's gonzo for Grad Night.)

Clayton and his friends have starred in a few other films. You can view the whole collection HERE.


Anonymous said...

Oh Joshua, how do you ever find such hilarious videos.

Anonymous said...

A couple of nice nods to 80s music here. Nicely done video.

Anonymous said...

You kids are so funny,but very creative.How did you manage to use the hospital room ???I like the one in the tunnel the best.Mr. M might make it as a Rock Star !!Clayton you are not going to make it in the culinary business,but for singing and diving you are
a "10"