Wednesday, December 20, 2006

End of an era

Jon Huss doesn't have much use for the details. At least not the ones I kept asking about.

The 25-year Arroyo Grande football coach retired this week, and that's what I remember most about this past season.

What was his career record? Who was the Arroyo Grande single-game rushing record-holder and how many yards did he have? When was the last time the Eagles failed to make the playoffs?

All these questions came up somtime during the five months I've known him. Each time, Huss didn't know the answers — and each time, it didn't seem to bother him.

I kind of needed to know these things because the phrase: "Arroyo Grande hasn't made the playoffs since sometime circa the height of Hammer Time." just isn't going to cut it with the boss.

We actually do have to be 100 percent accurate in our figures.

But even though it meant a little more work on my part, it didn't bother me when Huss didn't have the answers.

The longest conversation I think we ever had was after a football practice leading up to the reguar season finale with rival San Luis Obispo when a the topic about playoff conquests of the past finished off with what a bunch of players was doing these days.

None of them were Jamie Martin. The NFL quarterback would be the easy one to keep track of. But the Average Joes who went on to be ranchers, coaches, dads.

He hadn't forgotten those details.

But since I was only around for one of the 25 years, mine can't be the best perspective. What are your favorite Huss moments?


Jack Harris said...

Jon Huss surpases all the existing records in the categories of "class" and "generosity." I may never meet another person so dedicated to helping other students, both athletes and non-athletes. He is a remarkable man that has earned the love and respect of everyone he has come in contact with.

Blake Bigelow said...

Coach Huss is an amazing man. As a former player I'd like to say congratulations on a wonderful career. My favorite moment is probably being in the locker room with him after beating Notre Dame of S.O. for the section title. He reminded us to soak in the moment and how it feels because you might not ever get to feel it again in your life.