Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Today's weather calls for blog

Tribune photo by Jayson Mellom.

I've been laying low the past couple of weeks (notice the drop-off in blog posts?). But BWS — Bloggin' with Scroggin — is back for the winter season. Expect update frequencies to spike like the monster waves hitting the Central Coast right now.

Today's 15-foot westerly swell is my early take on the boys basketball picture.

While on a break from the blog, I was able to see almost every San Luis Obispo County boys team play and I've handicapped a handful of them — a la our Tribune's Top 10 high school football media poll.

Except since it's my blog, I'm the only medium that voted. But enough about me, on to the kids and the rankings.

1. Nipomo (5-1) - Led by smooth scorer Dominique Saunders (28 points per game), the veteran Titans made an early-season statement by winning Morro Bay's Ted C. Harding Invitational Tournament, beating rival Arroyo Grande for the first time in school history in the process.

2. Mission Prep (5-0) - With senior center Luis Santiago back (12 ppg), the Royals might have the best mix of talent and experience, but behind sticky-fingered junior point guard Andrew Richardson (3 steals per game), there isn't much ball-handling depth.

3. Arroyo Grande (4-2) - Point guard Lyle Parsons has poise to spare, and the Eagles have as much, if not more, height across the board than any other local team. Freshman Tanner Hinek (6 feet, 5 inches) has been a great addition spelling 6-7 center James Tringham.

4. Atascadero (4-2) - Danny Thomas (23.2 ppg) and Andrew McMillian (17.8 ppg) are combining to score 41 points per game. If any of the three others hovering between 6 and 7 step up during a given game, the Greyhounds can beat anybody in the county.

5. San Luis Obispo (5-4) - Nathan Breneman (15.6 ppg, 6.5 rpg) has emerged as one of the county's premier big men, and second-leading scorer Conner Reese (8.9 ppg) is in the top three on the team in every major statistical category aside from blocks.


Anonymous said...

I guess Mission Prep is still hanging tough with the players left over from recruit-gate. I wonder if they will do well next year.

Anonymous said...

I think Mission might need the bump up to #1 after their big win over Crenshaw!

a fan said...

this user thinks josh should post another top teams ranking. i havent seen mission in the last few games, but what i saw them early on in the season impressed me. i think they should be the #1 team, i just think if nipomo played them that mission would be to much to handle. nipomo is to small to gaurd luis, and i think dominique wouldn't be able to drive as easy on mission as he does on smaller teams. nipomo would be #2, atascadero #3, from there its a toss up. if ur talking about hottest teams right now, then morro bay is #4 because theyve won 7 outa 8, and 5 in a row. i watched one of there games the other night, and it doesn't just seem like dumb luck, they seem to be finding themselves as a team, and at 3-0 could take a shot at taking the los padres league. The biggest plus might be that there bench can go 8-9 deep that can play just as well as the starters. Although over theyre only 8-8, they have lost a few close games by 2-3 points, and i think now they would have won those games so easily coulda been 11-5 as easily as 8-8. AG and slo would either grab the 5 spot, it depends on which team you think is playing better right now. Probably Ag in the 5 spot becuase they gave nipomo a good game. And slo recently lost to righetti, plus barely beat paso. Sorry this is a long blog but i figured id get it all out there. Give me some feedback on what u think?