Friday, December 15, 2006

The good luck guy?

It wasn't long after Mission Prep's impressive 69-64 boys basketball win over perennial power Crenshaw in the Royals' eighth annual version of their Christmas tournament that I realized, I've never witnessed a Mission Prep loss.

That's right. I was at Cowitz Court for two rounds of CIF-Central Section playoffs at the end of last season, and I also covered the first two rounds of the Southern California regional playoffs in San Luis Obispo. All four were Royals victories. It got eerie when Mission Prep came back from being down double-digits against a state power in my presence Friday.

But whether I'm the lucky charm, or if the Royals just have a good home-court advantage, the most important thing to remember is that it was college beat reporter Brian Milne who covered Mission Prep's loss in the Southern California regional final in Fullerton last March.

I heard Milne broke a mirror that day. Direct all complaints to him here


Anonymous said...


You must be the good luck charm... but they won without you at the game on Saturday and Monday. Where were the Tribune reporters? Busy covering ???

Nothing else "nationl" goes on in SLO ...might as well have a reporter at the Classic.

Joshua D. Scroggin said...

Easy, anonymous. Mr. McClatchy sort of made me take a day off Saturday, and Monday's are the day I'm required to work inside.

But I was at Mission Prep's 49-44 loss to Dorsey on Tuesday. I guess there goes the good-luck-guy theory.