Friday, October 05, 2007

Poll No. 2 is in the books

OK, the Paso-Atascadero poll is officially closed. The tough part is, can we say there's even an official result?

The way the voting see-sawed back and forth, it's likely the majority could have changed 10 more times if I'd kept the poll active all the way until game's true date. (Nov. 9).

Here's how it went if you hadn't been paying attention: When I first posed the question of who would win if the Bearcats and Greyhounds football teams played tomorrow, Atascadero got a resounding amount of support.

There were multiple answers, and Greyhounds supporters had given their team the edge in a close victory, a blowout, overtime, you name it. Most picked blowout.

Word from San Luis Obispo (home to our office) finally leaked the few extra miles up to Paso Robles, and Bearcats fans retaliated with the vote button. An outpouring of support the other way put Paso Robles to win in a blowout as the No. 1 outcome.

I come into the office Friday expecting to see Paso Robles maintaining the advantage, but lo and behold, Atascadero was back on top — bigtime.

Here's the final tally: Greyhounds win going away (179 votes, 51 percent) was the top option. Bearcats win in a blowout (118 votes, 34 percent) was second.

As if couldn't guess what would happen, a few smart alecks had some fun with the "other" option, my favorite being the typed-in answer "who cares?"

But it's obvious people care. I posted a blog about SLO High and Templeton last Friday, and before I knew it, the comments had turned into a full on A-town-Paso debate.

I'd advise the players of both teams not to care too much, yet. They each have a long way to go before that game matters.

Most of the "other" comments were people from San Luis Obispo and Righetti. And either the Tigers or the Warriors — or Arroyo Grande and Lompoc for that matter — could make all of this hoopla moot.

Even so, what say we get another poll going just for fun? Any ideas?


Anonymous said...

I checked the sight and they are very accurate on their projections of games. They have been very accurate on all Atascadero's games this year. They have the Greyhound/Bearcat game ending in an A-town victory 35-22. Should be the best competition for Atascadero in league play. GO HOUNDS!!

Anonymous said...

There is a rivalry trophy for the USC/UCLA and the CAL/Stanford rivalry. It is really cool and it is sponsored by Lexus. It's called the Lexus Gauntlet. What it does is gives points to each school when they play each other in sports (men and women.) At the end of the year they see which team gains the most points and that school wins the all-sport rivalry. This would be cool if it were done here between Atascadero/Paso and/or maybe SLO/AG. That way, the bragging rights don't stop at football, but you see which school has the better sports programs. You should read about it on

Anonymous said...

Or since no one can compete with Atascadero it could be the Geryhounds VS all ohter PAC 7 teams. Or even the Hounds VS USC??

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 11:37 A.M.
-That's correct how did you know!! lol....idiot

Anonymous said...

No not USC. They lost to Stanford. They are not worthy of the mighty Hounds. But then again if USC can lose to Stanford, Atas can surely loose to AG.

Anonymous said...

That's true...but there going to have to kidnap about half the team first lol

Anonymous said...

Why show a picture of Atas QB. All he does is hand off the ball. And how much fun is it to be a Wide Out on that team. Please only show pictures of Atacadero running backs in the future.

Anonymous said...

Ya that's true.....but just think if Atascadero needed to throw then he would be awesome!

Anonymous said...

Actually, I take it back. He does a great job of running the offense even though not a lot of passes are attempted. He is worthy of having his photo here.