Wednesday, October 31, 2007

This could be a banner blog

Let's play the name game.

Tribune photographer David Middlecamp, an admitted soccer enthusiast, had a great idea for me Wednesday.

He wants me to take all you blog posters to task for neglecting to type in user names when you post a comment.

"Right now it looks like Anonymous the world's most schizophrenic sports fan," Middlecamp said.

Now, I'm not gonna go all dictator on here and delete anybody's post who doesn't include a user name. But please, I implore you, pick one.

It's easy. You don't have to sign up. When you choose an identity, just pick "other" and type a name in. Just remember yours and use it each time.

It doesn't even have to be your real name. That's what's great about the Internet. You can still be anonymous. Well, I sort of gave that up by taking this gig.

But you can be.

So when I log on to see who's chattering about next week's matchups, I want to see posts from people like Houndsfan07 or prCATS1 or Budd4PREZ.

Really, it'll help me be able to keep track of who's who, and I can better respond back to you guys and girls. That's what we all want out of this: Interaction.

And here's a piece straight from the request file

According to a source close to the PAC 7 — I've always wanted to use a phrase like that — the playoff priority in football should there be a tie for any playoff spots is as follows...

San Luis Obispo
Arroyo Grande
Paso Robles


Anon E. Muss said...

But then, if I post under a certain name, people will always remember who I am and then question my intelligence just because I thought that we're a little oversaturated with Jordan Hasay.

Also, weren't you supposed to pick some winners tonight?

Joshua D. Scroggin said...

Hahaha. I won't hold it against you.

And done! Picks are up.

Anon E. Muss said...

It was actually an anonymous commentor that questioned my intelligence.

bearcat101 said...

wow, if paso ends up winning the next two games then atascadero wont even be able to contend in the playoffs. competition got a bit more stiff and now the pressure is on atascadero again

Anonymous said...

Or if Paso looses the next 2 games Paso won't go to the playoffs.

Spahetti lover said...

If SLO beats Paso or Paso beats A-town next week then Righetti goes to the playoffs assuming they beat AG.

PRCATS said...

If Paso beat A-town then A-town is out of the playoffs.
Paso 4-1
Righetti 4-1
Slo 3-2
A-town 3-2

Wow Crazy stuff!

Stat Boy said...

How can Righetti be 4-1 when they have 2 losses already? And if Paso beats A-town then you are predicteing a SLO win.

prcats said...

We don't think we can beat SLO, that is why I said Paso 4-1. We will beat A-town. Sorry about the math on Righetti, they have 2 losses.

bearcat101 said...

no way paso will loose to slo. paso has just as good as a defense as slo, but a much more explosive offense. win goes to paso. week later, paso will beat atascadero as well, two games paso will not let go of this year. especially from last year's bitterness loss to both teams

Big Cat '02 said...

Paso 5-0
SLO 3-2
Righetti 3-2
Atascadero 3-2 sitting at home or in paso watching the first round of the playoffs!
We do realize the caliber of defense SLO has.. but does SLO realize how many different weapons on offense PASO has?! Paso has the best balanced attack in the PAC-7. You never can predict who will get the ball on any single play. SLO has a chance at beating PASO but not a very good one!

big cat '02 said...

Wow... I just looked up the national rankings for high school football on I just don't think most people realize how good our little area is at football!
The rankings are out of 14,440 high schools. The first number is their ranking and the second is the number of spots the moved this last week, and the third is the percential that they fall in nationally!

Atascadero 978, -420, 6.7%
Morro Bay 1472, -11, 10.19%
Paso Robles 1613, +27, 11%
SLO 2141, +124, 14.8%
Righetti 2585, +819, 17.9%
St.Joe 3218, -755, 22.28%
Pioneer 3934, +937, 27.24%
Templeton 4443, -885, 30.77%
S. Ynez 5568,+1464, 38.56%
Lompoc 5757, +457, 39.86%
Nipomo 6040, -123, 41.82%

Just goes to show you all how spoiled we really are! Shoot AG is having one of their worst seasons ever and they are still in the tops 60% percentail nationally!
AG 8859, +574, 61.35%
They lost to Paso last week in a blow out and still moved up in the national rankings 574 spots!
These number really make me appreciate the athletic directors and the local supporter who make this all possible!
Let me not forget the kids who work off their tails to best "the best" in the area!
Even our mediocure teams in the area like santa ynez and pioneer valley are still better than 60% of the nation!

homeless guy said...

Thanks big cat 02. I agree, why are people so down on the other schools around here? I also am proud of all the area teams. In fact some of the boys from different teams may actually play together in College, like at Hancock for instance. I know the players have great respect for each other. It seems that some of the parents are too worried about bragging rights in the office. I think that is where the "hate" stuff is coming from.

I will pull for whichever local teams make it to the playoffs.

My preference is SLO. But I also can't wait for the Atas vs Paso game.

Bleeds Orange, Sweats Gray said...

I'm just glad that when Atascadero beats Paso and both teams have one loss(I'm still rootin for SLO over Paso but worst case scenario) then Atascadero goes into the playoff as the number one seed over Paso.

Anon E. Muss said...

That would happen anyway. Atascadero would have the head-to-head win for the tiebreaker. The numbers system is just for three-way (or more) ties that can't be decided by head-to-head results. The big example here is if SLO, Righetti and Atascadero tie for second, with only two schools getting into the playoffs. Since RHS beat AHS, which beat SLO, which beat RHS, there's a circular argument. The number draw settles that.

ATOWN!! said...

Everyone watch Atascadero's passing game open up huge tonight!

Depending on it's success will depend on the outcome of the Atown vs Paso game.

PRbooster said...

Obviously, atown new to the game. Your quarterback has never been a passing threat since he started youth football. I doubt seriously that he is going to become a threat overnight. Atascadero should beat Lompoc but it won't be with Maniers arm. Welcome to North County football atown have alot to learn!

ATOWN!! said...

...actually we welcomed piece of S*** paso to north county football last year......but you're right...we're tired of kicking Paso's @SS....we need to learn how to lose to paso....well I guess that will never happen! LOL :)

PRfan said...

Again .. atown. shows what little he knows of North County Football. I would hope you atrashcadero folks are able to learn something after losing to PR for the last 8 years before last season. You're 1-8 for the last 9 years atown and you should look it up and see what the all time record is . If you can't learn from that pathetic record, you are an idiot.

homeless guy said...

After watching both A-town and Paso play SLO all I can say is ATAS vs PASO will be serious viewing fun.
Someone please make a DVD available for sale of this PAC-7 Championship game.
These 2 north county teams are very different but both very strong. Please keep the trash talk going, it is great entertainment and someone will have to EAT their words

PRbooster said...

homeless guy , you hit it right on the head these are two good teams that are completely different. I would love to know what the coach from righetti and from slo predict on the outcome of this game.

homeless guy said...

First to all Paso posters...

Tell your boys they have a fantastic team. They play hard, they play clean and they earn what they get.

I feal bad for Righetti because they are a really good team but what is done is done.

This makes AG vs SLO a GREAT game. AG won't just be playing to knock SLO out they are playing to be in the playoffs. In this final season rivalry game the winner goes to the playofss and the loser stays home.

ATOWN!! said...


you're such an idiot.....I was being sarcastic.....but just remember Atown is the underdog going into this huge game right if Atown wins YOU will look extremely bad.... well you are from paso you must already look extremely :)

PRfan said...

That is my whole point atascadero is always the underdog when they are playing PR.

Anyone can beat anybody on a given day.

But if you have followed this group of boys at all since they were playing yfb you would know that this year PR has the advantage.Don't kick your dog when you lose ,its just a game....

watcher said...

PRFAN. Thanks for the reason and wisdom. When a team looses the players aren't bad or lesser. It just means they lost. Also, Paso has a much larger enrollment then Atascadero or SLO. TheySHOULD win alot. They are almost D1 size in enrollment. The fact that Atas competes very well recently is a great accomplishment. Also SLO has played 5 playoff games in the last 3 years. I think that is pretty good for a school of 1560 kids in the PAC-7. They always seem to do better in the playoffs then they do in league play. It shows how strong the top PAC-7 teams are compared to other leagues.

I hope all 3 PAC-7 teams that make the playoffs go past the first round.