Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A quick Head's up

OK, gotta get some football news in here.

Hancock College standout and former San Luis Obispo High cornerback Ryan Head has signed on to play at Idaho State next year, one of Head's former coaches reported today.

Head, a former Tribune All-County first-teamer at DB who had a team-high four interceptions and 34 tackles for Hancock this past season, is committing to his second NCAA-FCS, Big-Sky-Conference school since his senior year at SLO High.

After receiving interest from Navy, San Diego, Humboldt State, UC Davis, Eastern Washington, Cal Lutheran and Menlo College during his two-time all-county career with the Tigers, Head originally signed with Sacramento State coming out of high school.

He instead ended up at Hancock, and this was all before my time so I don't really have all the juicy details. In fact, I've never seen Head play. Don't even know what he looks like.

Who knows what goes on down there in Santa Maria? Uh... barbecue. Wine? I heard the real-life Zorro was from around there, but I'm not sure.

Anyway, anybody out there wants to sound off about Head, please do. I'd love to read some anecdotes. His former coach called him the best cornerback he'd ever seen. That's gotta get someone going.

(To the Logan Budd people: Attack!)


Anonymous said...

One of the things Hancock Football does best is send their players on to 4 year schools.

Anonymous said...

Logan Budd. Commits to Poly.
He'll redshirt so he can try and get some meat on them bones.

Scroggins, yu should be coming up with this kind of news. Why do we have to do all the work for you.

Way to go Budd. Glad you're staying around SLO.

missing football said...

Budd was willing to take a half scholarship. That's why Poly lost Jerome Long. He showed Poly where they could put their half offer and went for the full ride at SD.

Captain of the Templeton Injured said...

And who got the full scholarship(last year)?...That's right, templeton player. Although he redshirted this year, we're going to to see some great things from romo there, so cook some of that up and eat it with some eggs, MB.

Anonymous said...

I've known Ryan since elementary school and he's an athlete. He's played CB since 4th grade and has pretty good hands for a DB. He loves playing on an island and going man-up with a guy. At SLO high, he was our best CB all 4 years. Junior year, teams didn't throw his way because he would shut guys down and Senior year he improved his tackling to be decent against run support as well. He's put on a probably 30 pounds since high school, but has kept his speed. He'd be a D-1 guy if his hips were looser but he'll do well.

Anonymous said...

6 Hancock Bulldogs go to 4 year colleges this year.


Ryan and his team mates make out big after playing at Hancock.