Friday, January 04, 2008

The storm strikes again

It's Friday night, around 8 p.m., and while I'm posting this blog, The Tribune's offices have been silenced by a power outage.

Mission Prep's gymnasium suffered a similar fate. Games from the Royals' eight-game Division V basketball showcase that didn't start before 6 p.m. have been postponed until Saturday.

As stated in an earlier blog, the Morro Bay-Templeton boys and girls games were also stopped by the storm when Templeton's gym came up with a leak and school administrators feared the near gale-force winds were too much of a travel hazard.

Interestingly, Coast Union's gym leaked during the storm before last, and games were moved midstream to the nearby middle school. But this is the first time this year basketball games have been postponed to a later date by rain.

The San Luis Obispo-Paso Robles game was going off as planned last I checked, and since the power seems OK in the South County, I'm guessing Arroyo Grande and Nipomo were able to stick to their original schedules.

Here's the hitch: Even though there were games played, since the power is out at The Tribune, we will not be able to bring you the usual full edition. I've been informed that if you do receive an issue of Saturday's paper, it won't have a sports section.

What we will do for you is work hard on Saturday to catch up with everything that happened Friday and Saturday and bring it to you in Sunday's paper.

Keep checking back here for updates now and in the future. Luckily, my cell phone has internet.


Anonymous said...

A week later and no new posts. No comments added anywhere. Why bother looking at this blog anymore? Scroggins doesn't introduce any interesting topics. No one wants to post.

Anonymous said...

scroggin you need to put something sports wise up again instead of just storm stuff, we cant wait for temlpeton/morro bay to play eachother for a new topic to be posted. give us some power rankings or something.

Anonymous said...

The Tribune has abandoned us. Can any of you bloggers that might happen by this blog recommend another Newspapers blog that I could turn to? The Tribune is dead. This blog is dead. Scroggins doesn't care. Any one else feel this way? Or is it just boring basketball season?

Anonymous said...

its not boring basketball season, this blog would do well if scroggin posted more blogs, in football season their were blogs to post on but now we barely get any.

Anon E. Muss said...

A big part of why this blog won a company award is for the traffic it was generating, which is possible when there are actual entries. If he were to do something like updated power rankings at the approximate halfway point of the league season, or which gym has the best food (I submit it's Atascadero with Armando's famous burritos), or whatever. Going two weeks without a single post is no way to keep the company awards coming.

mbbball said...

anon i totally agree with you

btw mb beat st joes last night finally

pasoconehead said...

There is a basketball season up here in the North County, only it's been forgotten unless it includes the name Hattar. If someone would take the time to interview Scott Larsen, they might find a great story in a program that went from 2-21 to just beating the only undefeated team in the Pac-7. Larsen will tell you that this is a blue-collar, joe lunch-bucket group of kids playing their hearts out AS A TEAM, and not letting an 0-3 start to the league season quench their belief in themselves. There is a great story here, but it's only told in the Paso Robles papers.