Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Rounding up the holidays

Yes, it's been a while since you've seen some blog action from me. It's been a while since The Tribune has been able to give some in-person coverage to SLO County high school sports.

But that doesn't mean we haven't been paying attention. Here are a few random thoughts on what's taken place since the Mission Prep Christmas Classic got underway, since PAC 7 play started and since many of us stuffed ourselves full of holiday fixins.

• Though his Compton team didn't exactly tear up the Mission Prep Christmas Classic, USC-bound Demar DeRozan looked good to me. On the first night of the tournament, I watched the guy decked in full warmups and an mp3 player effortlessly drain 3-pointers that would have put the NBA line to shame. Anybody else have any thoughts on the bigtime players that came to town this year?

• Sticking with boys basketball, Michael Hattar dropped 50 at the Atascadero Tournament. A few of you have weighed in on his talent already, but here's my quick take on Hattar: Though "Best Player Ever" honors still reside with Derrick Jasper, Hattar really is a high school superstar.

Someone made mention of the Eagles' star and his high shooting percentage (at 53 percent last check). Yeah, he makes his share of layouts in Templeton's flex offense, but Hattar shoots 50 percent from beyond the arc, too. And it seems like his favorite shot is a step-back jumper that, for me, conjures a scene from the movie Coming to America where Eddie Murphy yells, "YES! YES! In the face!"

• Some have also began contrasting Hattar to Morro Bay standout Dylan Royer. Well, those interested won't have to wait long for it to be decided on the court. The Pirates travel to Templeton on Friday.

• Honestly, we're still deciding at The Tribune whether to cover that Morro Bay-Templeton game or head over to San Luis Obispo, where the Tigers host Paso Robles in a PAC 7 showdown that could have playoff implications by the end of the season. Though both teams may be fighting for second place behind defending champ Righetti, anything could happen at this point, and San Luis Obispo already has a win over Arroyo Grande in league play.

• Speaking of San Luis Obispo, it could be a magical year on the pitch for the Tigers. Both the boys and girls teams are having banner years. Heck, the girls are still officially undefeated at 16-0-2, though they failed to advance in a holiday tournament after being on the wrong side of a 1-1 shootout.

I'm not really much of a soccer expert, but I know this much: You can't win if you don't score, and both San Luis Obispo teams seem expert at shutting down opposing offenses. That should allow them to be in a game with just about anyone.

I'm on the books to see the SLO High girls in person for the first time this season Wednesday night. Check out Thursday's Tribune for the game report.


Joshua D. Scroggin said...

Oh yeah, and vote in the new poll. It's not a popularity contest this time.

I don't want to know which team is the best. I want to know which of the teams have been the most surprising given its performance last season and how well its doing this year.

There shouldn't be any need for anyone to try and ballot stuff on this one.

mbbball said...

jus wanted to say thankyou scroggin for the new blog, and you should definityl head out to the morro bay templeton game. i think there is a lot more hype surrounding that game then san luis and paso, both teams have a chance to be first place. while it seems that righetti is the main powerhouse in the pac 7.

Anonymous said...

all i gotta say is, djrue holiday looked like the best player at the tournament even though he only played one game.

Anonymous said...

Yep, cover the Morro Bay vs Templeton game. I am going to the SLO game and will see it first hand but am very interested in the great basketball being played at MB and Temp.
Can the Templeton and Morro Bay guys give any predictions on that game?

Anonymous said...

Morro Bay 78

Templeton 62

Royer 25 pts.

Hatter 34 pts.

twinnut said...

I would hate to see anybody count out AG boys going into the heart of Pac 7 play. They are young and starting to play well together.

mbbball said...

all i have to say is i saw royer drop 32 points tonight with 4 mins left in the 3rd quarter before he got pulled for the rest of the game. he could have easily gone for 45 or 50 if he was left in.

Anonymous said...


MB at Templeton Game Cancelled