Saturday, November 10, 2007

And that game was good

This blog was just as much a part of the hype machine for the Atascadero-Paso Robles game as any other news medium. And the buildup was reaching biblical proportions.

But can anyone who was there — no matter which side of War Memorial Stadium you sat on — tell me that the 24-21 Greyhounds win did not live up to every expectation?

It's instantly one of the top three high school football games I've ever seen.

The win was a magical moment for Atascadero. The celebration was intense. The print reporters and the television guys were scrambling for interviews on tiptoes trying to recognize faces in a sea of confusion.

Imagine my face when Greyhounds quarterback Steven Manier walks straight out of a television interview and says this to me:

"You went with the Bearcats," Manier said — only half joking and half expecting me to go jump in a lake. "I saw that."

(Who says kids don't read these days?)

Yeah, I thought Paso Robles would win. The Bearcats had a good shot, too. You have to admire some of Paso Robles coach Rich Schimke's guts. He coaches high school football like the rest of us play Madden.

But there's also something special going on in A-town. Vic Cooper has built team strength, unity and morale. The kids seem humble, motivated and hard-working.

Picking against the Greyhounds never diminished that. And anyone who was there to see the win witnessed the momentum the Atascadero program has.

The next step for the Greyhounds, or any of the other playoff-bound teams for that matter, is to translate their success into the postseason.

It's been a while, SLO County.


Bleeds Orange Sweats Grey said...

Yeah Scroggins, I was dissapointed to picked against us...I was at that game and the atmosphere was amazing. It doesn't get any better than that. Congrats to the PAC 7 co-champions Hounds and Cats and especially to the number one seed from the PAC7 Greyhounds. I think the Atascadero Paso Game should be played at Cal Poly to fit everyone. I have to say Paso has the absolute worst visitors bleachers I have ever been too. More than half our fans had to stand. Anyways congrats again to my Greyhounds. ORANGE AND GRAY ALL THE WAY!!! GO HOUNDS!!

Beercat said...

Now now ..........

If the game was at Atown 3/4 of the PR fans would of been standing ......

Yes, Cal Poly!

I don't know if the most talented team won last night but the team that wanted it more did ....

Schimke still thinks he has 4 nuts under him .....

Maybe Vic with his '2' is the better choice ......

Oh and Joshua, quit being so tackful, we all know you have a hard-on for Schimke .......

Anonymous said...

Good job to all the players Paso robles dont hang your heads god has better things in store for you CIF. Paso Robles always does good when they make it to the playoffs lets see if atascadero does what they did last year and lose cause they are to confident after beating Paso. Atascadero deserves the win cause they beat a more talented football team than them

Congrats to both of the Pac7champs

PAC-7 fan said...

Aren't these the same 3 teams that went to the playoffs last year?

Looks like the PAC-7 is owned by 3 teams.

This year lets do better in the playoffs.

Aaron Crutchfield said...

I'll be watching Sunday's CIF pairings with bated breath. Atascadero probably won't be one of the four seeded teams this year (I'm guessing Hart, Saugus, St. Bonaventure and Newbury Park will be, if they allow a second-place team to be seeded) but if they use the same formula as last year to speed things up, like, say, PAC 7 No. 1 vs. Foothill No. 3, then that means Atascadero gets to play Valencia in the first round. Anyone seen Valencia's season profile? According to the calpreps rankings, the only league champion that would beat them (other than in Valencia's own league) is St. Bonaventure, and just barely. That would be a terrible first-round draw for anyone.

Anonymous said...

Will be a tough road for any SLO team to make it to the finals.

Paso seems best suited, but both Paso & Atascadero could crash the first round. It's hard to see either getting more than two W's.

Morro Bay is the best bet, and the closest thing to a sure 1st round win, but I'd take the Tri-Valley league to provide the most likely champion. I think I'd lean towards Nordhoff or Oaks Christian over Morro Bay.

Would rather this year we had a Morro Bay - Atascadero game to determine a Central Coast champion. That would sell out Poly.

Beercat said...

I see Atown getting Moorpark, Paso getting Westlake and SLO getting NP

Orange and Gray all the Way said...

Hey Scroggins..what are the other two of your favorite games you've ever seen? Because that was the best game I've ever seen.

Orange and Gray all the way said...

I take that back, the best game I ever saw was when Atascadero and Paso went into overtime and Atascadero won that one. So last night was the second best game I'ver ever seen.

Beercat said...

This should be the seed order


1. Hart #1 9-0-1 48.0
2. Saint Bonnie #1 9-1 45.9
3. Saugus #2 8-2 49.1
4. Newbury Park #1 9-1 32.4
5. Valencia #3 6-3-1 43.5
6. Oxnard #1 8-2 18.8
7. Atascadero #1 8-2 34.3
8. Westlake #2 7-3 29.9
9. Paso Robles #2 8-2 28.3
10. Camarillo #2 7-3 23.6
11. Moorpark #3 6-4 25.7
12. Santa Barbara #3 7-3 20.8
13. SLO #3 6-3-1 20.5
14. Thousand Oaks #4 5-5 21.7
15. Ventura #2 4-6 14.0
16. Pacifica #3 5-5 10.4

PAC-7 fan said...


Every PAC-7 team lost the very next game they played after playing SLO.

Anonymous said...

Who's the County MVP?

Nick Tenhaeff ?
Logan Budd ?

Is anyone else in the running?

Anonymous said...

Here are the records from the schools in the PAC-5 with the number of championships. Note, 2 of the 4 years there were multiple champions.
AG 13-4 2xPAC-5 Champion
SLO 9-7 1xPAC-5 Champion
Paso 9-7 2xPAC-5 Champion
Rig 8-6 1xPAC-5 Champion
Atown 2-14 0xPAC-5 Champion
The strength of the league seemed to be from the South county. When Lompoc entered the league, the power moved north
Atown 9-1 2xPAC 7 Champion
SLO 7-3
Paso 6-4 1xPAC 7 Champion
Rig 4-6
AG 2-7
Lomp 1-9

Overall PAC-5 and PAC-7 combined. Four of the six years had multiple champions. What a tough league.
SLO 16-10 2xChampion
Paso 15-11 3xChampion
AG 15-11 2xChampion
Rig 12-14 1xChampion
Atown 11-15 2xChampion
Lomp 1-9 0xChampion

big cat '02 said...

I will give it up to Atascadero players and their coaching staff! The player played hard...made few mistakes and were coached very well! Cooper had an A+ proformance last night and Schimke's head will hopfully shrink down...we often get him confused with Jack in the Box because of the size of him big head! Let's hope this is his last year in town! He blew it big time! his year was Paso's chance to win... next year there is no hope for the bearcats... it will be at least two years before we bring another league title to Bearcatville!
Contrats Grey Hounds... and good luck to all three Pac-7 teams in CIF.... may the football god's bless you with a good draw in the seedings!

PAC-7 fan said...

big cat 02

This year isn't done. Someone needs to get into coaches head and get him right. You guys have the players to take CIF. Coach needs to know there is no shame in a field goal. He needs to use more of his players. It's the players team. Let some of the boys play.

I hope you guys rock in the playoffs.

Anonymous said...

Budd vs. Tenhaeff

Rushing: Edge Tenhaeff

Passing: Edge Budd

Kicking: Edge Budd

Punting: Edge Budd

Scoring: Edge Budd

Defense: Edge Budd

MVP?? There is no question. If you were to take one player in the County who would it be? Tenhaeff is a great player. Budd is the MVP.

Anon E. Muss said...

I can get behind the Budd for MVP campaign... Tenhaeff is a good runner, but without him, Atascadero could have had Andrew Hernandez rush for 1,000-plus yards, or any number of other runners. Morro Bay, on the other hand, has good players besides Budd... but would the Pirates be undefeated without him? Would they be LPL champs? I think the answer to that is pretty obvious. Heck, would the Pirates be in the playoffs?

Anonymous said...

Can a Los Padres League player be MVP? What is the history on a player from the weaker league making MVP? He certainly seems to be the single most valuable player on any County team. They are 10-0.
But the way Tenhaeff took it to Paso in their game to secure a victory playing Geryhound running football makes me vote for Him.

Anonymous said...

bottom line is given a choice would you rather have Tenhaeff or Budd?

forget the records, they play in different leagues

having seen both I have to say Budd

put Budd as the Atascadero QB without Tenhaeff, they would get better.

put Tenhaeff as the MB RB without Budd, they would get worse

Anonymous said...

Paso Robles gets better playoff chance than all of the Pac-7 teams
Ventura (CA)at Paso Robles (CA)
Moorpark (CA)at Atascadero (CA)
San Luis Obispo (CA)at St. Bonaventure
Good luck to all

Beercat said...

We should beat VTA easily and we won the coin flip for round #2 which should be against Hrt, big time program!

Atown got screwed!

Bleeds Orange Sweats Gray said...

Here is what has to say about the teams from the PAC-7 and LPL. These are just projections and anything can happen in the playoffs, but Calpreps is generally very close to the actual score.
A-town over Moorpark 21-12
Paso over Ventura 35-19
St. Bonnie over SLO 31-10

MB over Northview 40-12
Nordhoff over Nipomo 21-14
Oakpark over St. Joe 27-17
Serra over PV 28-12

And about the whole debate about who is the best team on the central coast...Calpreps has Atascadero beating Morro Bay 24-20.

Anonymous said...

well, then if Calpreps says so.

it must be,

Doesn't seem like much of a reason to even play the games, let's let Calpreps award the trophys and save a bunch of time and money

BTW don't underestimate Pioneer Valley, they are good defensively, so they can win

Anon-a-preps predictions:

Moorpark over A-town 21-20
Paso over Ventura 35-14
St. Bonnie over SLO 31-21

MB over Northview 46-9
Nordhoff over Nipomo 28-10
Oakpark over St. Joe 27-10
PV over Serra 17-14

Anon E. Muss said...

Paso and Atascadero got equally screwed in the playoff seedings. Both should win their first-round games, but Paso would most likely have to play Hart in the second round. Atascadero would probably play Saugus in the second round. Good luck beating either of those teams.

Beercat said...

If your going to make it to the finals you need to beat anybody, doesn't matter if it's round one or round 2 or 3 ..........

Paso gets Hart at home if the projections hold up. Atown gets Saugus at Saugus .......

Did I say doggie style! bow wow ...

Beercat said...

BTW, Bonnie will rip SLO up, chew them up and then spit them out ...

Bonnie by 4 TD's

Anonymous said...

Of the 3 PAC-7 teams in the playoffs, Paso will be the MOST humiliated with a loss. The Bearcats got the easiest team of the 3. It won't matter how well the kids play, the Coach will throw this game away.

And BEERCAT will jinx it with his mouth just like he jinxed the A-town rivalry. So keep talking FAT cat.

Your players deserve better.

Bleeds Orange Sweats Grey said...

Why are the CIF championships held at Home Depot Center. This is ridiculous because teams from the, have to travel so far. In San Diego, they have their four division finals at Qualcomm, but that makes sense because all the schools are withing 45 minutes. Let's just say A-town and Paso both make it to the finals. Both teams have to travel 4 hours to play a game. That's ridiculous. They should split the Southern Section because it is so big.

Anonymous said...

SoCalHoHo-preps predictions:

A-town over Moorepark 21-13
Ventura over Paso 35-24
SLO over St. Bonnie 35-31

MB over Northview 28-15
Nordhoff over Nipomo 28-21
St. Joe over Oak Park 28-27
PV over Serra 21-14

Anonymous said...

Who really won the PAC-7?

School is about getting ready for college. For football players it is the hope of at least a partial scholarship in football. Paso and Atas play in SLO (where?) County. They have to win to get the players in front of an audience in hopes of playing in So Cal where someone might actually care.

SLO goes straight to St. Bonnie.
A long shot agianst the champs so to speak. The by product of this game is a chance to play in front of an audience. Play against a top notch runner yet to commit to college. Will anyone watch this game? You bet. Will SLO win? As a team it's long odds. As players probably yes.

Paso and Atas need to win to get this same opportunity that SLO has now.

Which kids won?

PAC-7 fan said...

Hmmmm. Has anyone ever counted the Football players from each County school who have played college ball somewhere? I can think of many from AG, Atas, Paso, SLO, Righetti. Just look at Hancock's roster to see a sample.

Beercat said...

Gee, where did Beercat say anything regarding the Atown vs PR game before they played?

Beercat said...

So what did Beercat say before he game?

"If Paso gets by Atown and I say if again, Paso will get the #3 seed in the division and have a decent ride to the semi's."

Beercat said...

And; "Yes, it's "pound the hounds" day .........

Or is it, "feed the cats to the rats" day ...........

Beyond those words this CAT won't say anything else on fear of bulletin board material ...."

I think someone has a hard-on for Beercat ........

Beercat said nothing to fire up Atown .....

Anonymous said...

SLO gets St. Bonnie in the playoffs.

Man, that's like playing against Paso's offense and A-town's defense in one game.

If we know one thing, SLO will play their hardest an never give up.

Paso should win.
Atascadero should win.
Morro Bay WILL win.
St. Joe should win.
SLO will play hard.

atown!! said...

anonymous 8:18 AM-

-I was waiting for a stupid comment like this....Atascadero didn't beat a group of more talented players...sorry hate to break it to you....the only thing paso has over Atown that I will pasos QB arm and receivers are about 33% better....and that's it...Atown takes EVERYTHING must not have been at the game or something.....oh and by the way your running back isn't S**T, he didn't run all over Atown! just admit it your a sore loser!

Now for the rest of the comments....

-just like someone said above...the playoffs are the playoffs...your going to play the hard teams no matter what...if you can't beat any of these teams then your not worthy to win CIF! (although the Oaks Christian program is a bunch of rigged bull S**T)

-also besides the Budd Logan weirdo....who cares about MVP right now....playoffs are all that matter right now....although I will say I do believe Logan should get MVP ...because what he does is what MVP stands for....but that can be determined later!

atown!! said...


"MAYBE THERE ARE SOME GOOD FANS IN PASO!!!" -Story by everyones favorite, ATOWN!!

I thought getting to the A v P game at like 620 was early enough, I quickly found out it wasn't and that the whole visitors side was taken up, so I was left with the only option of going over and snuggling up and cuddling with the enemy.

Assuming that all paso fans don't know anything about football, in reference to this board of course, I thought I was going to hear a bunch of bull crap about how paso has the best of everything and no one can touch them. But to my SURPRISE I heard an assessment that was fairly accurate and also when I got up to cheer for the greyhhounds I never got any crap or knives to my throat!!


This left me very confused!?! and left me with the question, maybe there are some good fans paso?!! :)

Beercat said...

Well thank you, I made sure every PR fan let you have your GOD given right to cheer for your team ...... HA HA

Now regarding the crap post ...

You never got to see Nelson go. Coaching error as you don't hav a 170 lb RB try and run between the tackles and then having our right guard out didn't help either.

I think my accessment was correct, the team thatwaned it more won .....

But if you look early on in this blog I commented on one very important thing, the #1 seed in the Pac always gets screwed!

Thats exactly what happened, Atown got screwed in the seeding, PR got the gravy bowl for the 1st round .........

PAC-7 fan said...

Seriously, Paso fans are cool. Atas too. We need you guys to represent. Fly the County colors. This mission if you choose to accept is to meet in the finals. Then we can have the rematch of the decade...

PAC-7 fan said...

Wow.....Very impressive

Week 10 Southern Section rankings

#27 Atascadero
#38 Morro Bay
#53 Paso Robles
#81 San Luis Obispo

Out of 388 teams

Captain of the Templeton Injured said...

Okay, back to Budd vs. Tenheaff.

Sorry, Nick, but Budd is kicking your ass. He's no doubt the County player of the year, MVP, everything. I think that 1318 yards passing with 13 TDs and 1 INT, 149 carries for 107 yards with 15 TDs, 15 tackles(he's the shutout corner) with 6 INTs, a 39.93 yrd punting average, 6 FGs, and a grad total of 150 points makes Budd the better player.

Captain of the Templeton Injured said...

Sorry, I made an error by saying 149 carries for 107 yards.

He has 1075 yards on 149 carries.

Anonymous said...

you forgot the most important stat


PAC-7 fan said...

I vote for Budd.

No one can argue.

Captain of the Templeton Injured said...

Yeah, good to see that he's got some support outside the LPL. Personally, if he hadn't been injured, our team(Templeton)'s runningback Ben Terry would have had a big run that award as well, because if you saw the game of us vs. MB, you would have seen that he was making Logna Budd look like a fool on offense, and turning his field into 1/2 on defense, and did have the highest rushing yardage and second-most points(by about 5, second to Budd)...I could go on, but he got injured sadly, and it could keep sounding biased due to my being on the templeton team.

But the point is, Budd is an amazing player, who only really had one player who could play at his level, and he got injured. He deserves all the support in the county, because he really is that good.

Captain of the Templeton Injured said...

Sorry if that was hard to read, my fingers are retarded.

Anonymous said...

good comment,

Templeton was the only team to challenge MB, and MB sealed the V in that game with Budd making an interception at the end.

After that MB game, Templeton wasn't the same because Terry was injured and it showed in the last 4 games.

ATOWN!! said...


sorry prs RB had his chance, it doesn't matter if he was missing one lineman or not!

ATOWN!! said...

Yeah about that 10-0.....I just got off Bay's strength of play is a weak 2.8.....Atascadero's is a moderate 18.5. Also Morro Bay is ranked 81 to Atowns 55.....maybe this will help the confused bunch out a little bit.

Now don't get me wrong if Morro Bay beats their playoff competition then their strength will go up......and if they make it to Oaks Christian it should defenitely go up....but depending on how they play Oaks Christian will depend on their strength rating. At the same time Atown's will go up too as they move in the playoffs!

This shows the difference between Pac-7 and LPL strength of play.

PAC-7 fan said...

Atas strength is 18.5
Moorpark strength is 18.6

SLO strength is 16.1
St. Bonnie strength is 22.9

Paso strength is 12.1
Ventura strength is 18.2

Morro Bay is 2.8
Northview is -7

jonne doughe said...

If strength numbers were the best indicator, then Santa Maria at 4.9 should have defeated Morro Bay 2.8 ... in assigning those numbers, they have little idea of how good teams will be, especially for the pre-league games, and even less of an idea of how teams will improve over the season.

PAC-7 fan said...

So true. The point would be, how do they come up with these? Why even list them?

Anonymous said...

the strength number are not a measure of the team's strength, they are a measure of the strength of schedule. But a higher strength number will increase a ranking, it's a multiplier.

Had MB scheduled a Pac-7 or other higher quality opponent before their league, their strength number would be higher - don't know why they don't play at least 1 Pac-7 non-league game.

Oaks Christian was extraordinarily good last year (like 7 D-1 recruits including Clausen @ Notre Dame - ok, that's not a good example to use Notre Dame), and they played that team competitively for the first half.

Would be interesting to see a re-match since the Oaks Christian talent has droppped off some, but their still one of these high school recruited football machines.

Captain of the Templeton Injured said...

My opinion? Best team in the county: Atascadero. Best player in the county: Logan Budd.

For playoffs, Oaks christian isn't exactly what they're cracked up to be this year. Oak park has mostly returning juniors from last year, and they lost only to Oaks Christian in league play and the final round of the playoffs.

I'd look for the true matchup to be them versus MB.

captain of the templeton injured said...

Okay, I seriouly need to review these BEFORE I post. They lost to Oaks christian only last year. This year they've beaten them.

PAC-7 fan said...


don't stress. It's playoff time.
We're all a little wacked out right now. I am.

Captain of the Templeton Injured said...

Well, losing a straw draw to Nipomo who's ass got served by us, and sending them into the playoffs instead of's angering. I honestly think that if MB or SJ took a poll to see which one of us deserved to go in more, it would be pretty damn clear who would win...7-3(4-3) is good enough to go into the playoffs, especially with people really wanting a Morro Bay/Templeton rematch. Oh well.

Anonymous said...

Good Picks

A-Town wins good one
Atascadero 28
Moorpark 14

Morro Bay 42
Northview 7

Paso Robles 49
Ventura 14

St bonaventure 42
San Luis 21

Anonymous said...


Paso and Atown will both win

Anonymous said...


Unbelievable pics, the EXACT correct scores on 3 games, I'll pick up your tab to Vegas!!!

The 3 clearly best teams roll on.

Now the real season begins next week.

Paso/A'town/MB tied for #1 - let's see all three in the semis

Anonymous said...

You are good that was some great picks you have some knowledge