Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Picking the All-County team

I can't say for sure what it was this year, but picking my second Tribune All-County Football Team was tough — much harder than last year.

Before I go into which spots seemed the most difficult, let me break down how these things get worked out.

First, I'll look make a gut-feeling team based on who played the best in games that I covered or otherwise saw in person. I tried to see every team at least once.

Second, I'll check out statistical leaders in rushing, passing and receiving yards, quarterback rating, tackles, sacks and interceptions. Then I'll make a strictly statistical team.

Third, I put out calls to every county coach (I wish I had the time to reach out to Santa Maria teams like Righetti and St. Joseph, but that's a luxury I couldn't afford). I listen to each coach's nominations of his own players — and especially to their evaluations of opponents — to form an all-coach team.

Then I'll meld the "stats team" with the "coach team" and use the "gut team" as a kind of tiebreaker if I'm having trouble.

Hope that makes sense.

Well, it was especially difficult to rank the three quarterbacks after Morro Bay's Logan Budd. All three candidates — Mason Sperakos of Nipomo, Davey Schultz of San Luis Obispo and Dylan Morrow of Mission Prep — were penciled in as a first-teamer on at least one rough draft.

Deciding which would end up as the second team guy and the other as an honorable mention was one of the tougher decisions I had to make this year.

In the end, I went with Sperakos No. 1 for having a good yardage total, a good efficiency rating and for leading Nipomo to its first playoff berth in program history. Morrow was second because of a stellar touchdown total and value to his team, which was eliminated from the playoffs when he went out with injury. Schultz, though a front-runner for first-team recognition, made honorable mention. He had a great yardage total, but his efficiency and interception total hurt.

I also shuffled around the first- and second-team receivers and running backs a bit. I even added an official fullback slot to help ease the decisions. But linebacker was particularly troubling this year, too.

With his statistics and athleticism, SLO's Zack Thorne was a lock. After that, it was tough to slot the rest of the candidates in the best order.

In any event, a lot of time and energy went into researching and selecting this year's team. I don't expect everybody to be happy.

But here's the best part: If you aren't happy, you can be heard on this blog. Let me know who I missed or what you would have done differently.

On a side note, I really appreciate everybody's comments. This blog was given an intra-company award this month mostly because of the high volume of Web traffic and the interaction from readers.

You readers, posters and poll-voters have made this The Tribune's most watched blog, and I'd love to see the interest continue into basketball season.


Captain of the Templeton Injured said...

HAH! First comment! Umm, I was wondering, why is Terry the first team all-county kicker? He's 1/1 on filed goals, and made 20/24 XP's, but he didn't do much else after Morro Bay. I woul dhave thought choice at runningback would have been better.

Anonymous said...

Terry seems kinda like an honorary reward, don't know where to put him, he's a great player

I had the same reaction, the Paso Kicker would have been better.

would like to see the Trib put the pictures of all first-teamers in the story, the Budd story is well-done, but would make a better package to have something on each first-teamer.

is it just me, but does it seem like if a selection is close, the Trib went with a Sr vs. a Jr.

Anonymous said...

I don't see how there can be first and second team juniors from last year not even mentioned. This is all based on statsitics and making people happy. Thats why the all-league selections should be a little more accurate because the coaches who actually saw these kids play can put in there input.

Anonymous said...

Using statistics to rate players shows inexperience on your part. The best players get double teamed alot and it lets other plyers build better stat.

Very disappointed in this years picks. Not all of them, It just seems that this was more of a job to you and you didn't put much research into it.

That being said, congrats to the kids that did make it.

Captain of the Templeton Injured said...

I'm back, and turkey was amazing.

But seriously, down to business. The "disappointment" in choices is probably Dave Schultz not being on first or second team.

He threw too many interceptions. Sure, he was good, but his interception/pass attempt rate number was much higher than the other QBs.

Personally, I though that the choices were very good, except for Jeff Walsh of templeton being OL instead of DL. He had 9.5 sacks, 3 fumble recoveries, 4 forced fumbles, and over 45 tackles. That's first-team caliber. I personally think an Atascadero lineman should have taken Walsh's spot on OL, and Walsh be moved to first-team DL.

Well, here's one more quarrel, the last one. Jacob Williams of Morro Bay did defintely NOT dserve all-county mention. After watching many films of MB, and two games, if anything, he's their worst Offensive Lineman. Again, because of how efficiant they are, I think another Atascadero Lineman should have taken that spot.

Otherwise, great picks, and as said above, congrats to those who made it(Even if I think you didn't deserve it).

Anonymous said...

Has any previous San Luis Obispo County player of the year ever played college football? I can't think of any.

Aaron Crutchfield said...

Speaking of keeping things going into basketball season, Scrog-dawg, you'll be happy to know that Atascadero has Armando's famous "gutbuster" burritos at the basketball games again this year.

Anonymous said...

First of all Captain of the Templeton Injured, your comments about Jacob Williams are unfounded and obviously sour grapes! I have seen every one of Morro Bay's games and I noticed that they run behind him most of the time! Obviously with 400 yards of offense and 40 points a game and an 11-0 record everyone of their linemen should have made all county. If Jacob Williams is so bad why was he voted first team all LPAL this year by the OTHER LPAL coaches. Yep, he's real bad...and oh ya..he's still playing! Why do you people want to knock kids, you should be ashamed of yourselves!

Captain of the Templeton Injured said...

I dunno, maybe it was because, a. he leans into every run play, and b. leans back on every pass play, so he's by far the easiest person to read. Wanna know why we held MB scoreless in the second half? We focused on him, thereby knowing exactly if it was a counter-trey, pass play, or runn to hsi side(since he is the strong-side tackle. They run almost 90 percent of the plays to the strongside tackle, and the same was last year, and the year before). Besides, you get a decent wrong arm on him, and he practically flips over. Personally, their center deserves the recognition. He was really tough physically, and never missed a block.

Captain of the Templeton Injured said...

Sorry, I went over the alst comment left before my last comment again...and quite funny mentioning the "not playing" bit. Well, it is sort of hard to play when you have your LCL ripped off, ACL torn in half, the medial meniscus torn in 3 places, and 5 tendons throughout the knee also ripped off.

If you were talking about playoffs though, I think that the reason why they are in there startas with an L, and end with a D.

Anonymous said...

Is the LPL all League team for 2007 listed anywhere on the net? I didn't know it was out. How can we view it?

Mad Dog said...

Dane Lindgren isn't even a Defensive Lineman. How did he beat out so many fine D-linemen? The kids an outside linebacker. He's a 160 pounder. Justify this?

hail to the green and white boys said...

i think its funny how the all-county works. people got some they deserve like budd for carrying his team so far. but things like jeff walsh. 9.5 sacks wich is league leading and averaged about 1.5 - 2 sacks a game isnt first team? but then you put me all county kicker when i missed the last of 5 games. pasos kicker deffinatly deserved it. but on the other hand its good to have the whole all county team because even if your not on it and good enough to play in the next step up, you can just look back and laugh.

ATOWN!! said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Scroggins, if you can would you please find and post the PAC-7 All-League 1st and 2nd teams for this year and also the same for the Los Padres league? I think those All-League teams have been voted on by coaches, just not published yet. We would greatly appreciate you doing this for us. You can get this info, you have the power. It will also get more players names out there and calm some folks.

Anonymous said...

scroggins your an idiot. Schultz threw 1o r 11 ints in 300 pass attempts. That is good. Dylan Morrow could not start at any spot at SLO high either could Johnson, by putting them ahead of Schultz and Rose you make it seem like they are better. You screwed this up.

2001 county player of the year Scott Garrison played at Nevada for five years

Anonymous said...

so, he just ignores great play at the smallest division level?? it's damn hard to compare apples and oranges.

Put it this way, IF SLO actually won a big game against Paso or A'town, Schultz would likely have been a first teamer, (and to win those games would have showed a few better stats).

Good choices, Scroggins, you only have to look at the player of the year voting to see all the SLO Homers out in force.

stop whining SLO, and give kudos to the kids who were selected!! save your jealousy for when Paso & A'town are playing in the finals.

Anonymous said...

Excuse my ignorance, but could someone tell me which school Scott Garrisoon playde for?

Anonymous said...

I'm listening to the Atas v Saugus game and with 40 seconds left in the game the anouncer says If you just joined us this has been a real close game". The score was 34 to 6 Saugus. Even the anouncers are full of excuses.

Quite ragging on the LPL.

Anonymous said...

it was a close game, 13-6 with 9 minutes left,

when you start going on 4th down in your own territory to try to win, ugly things can happen, but you got to go for it. the best team one, bottom line, nothing for A'town to hang their head down

Anonymous said...

Nice job Bearcats. At least Atascadero took it out of town to get blown out. How can you loose like this at home? Where is Bearcat, Beercat, Fatcat now?

LPL rules........

At least SLO covered the spread against a powerhouse.

Anonymous said...


Lets count the different excuses you can come up with for a close 34 to 6 game?

I bet you had a wedgie in your shorts.

Anonymous said...

Paso loses as well. The Foothill league is tough, what can you say.

With a little more balance on offense next year, don't count A'town out to these guys.

Anonymous said...

LPL fan here,

MB beat Carpenteria 29-22, but it was a blow-out, after the subs entered with a 29-0 lead. if you don't watch the game, you have no idea.

no one is making excuses, A'town played well but lost to a tough team

mbbball said...

mb is tied 42-42 and their in ot right now.

Anonymous said...

ouch, it's tough to win on the road, though MB would breeze

mbball said...

i guess st bernards is pretty solid, i have a couple friends at the game and they said there a good team.

mbball said...

game over. mb lost 45-49. mb kicked a field goal, but couldn't stop them and bernard scored a td.

good yea fellas

Anonymous said...

Morro Bay makes SLO County proud. Way to be tough Pirates.

Who was the last SLO County team to win CIF? It was AG, right?

Anonymous said...

oh for three, bummer, need more Ws in the post-season next year

Anonymous said...

SLO County will never win a CIF Championship again. Unless Mission Prep gets big and starts stealing players form all the local schools.

Anonymous said...

SLO was last team to win. By the way Scroggins if you use stats to determine one category and the coaches to determine another and your gut is the tie breaker, how does Shultz vs Nipomo kid equal Schultz to hon mention. Morrow could not start at SLO, this is a travesty to every QB in the county including Clark Goosen and any of the three Paso Qbs and all JV qbs as well. What a joke, just because he is a SLO kid and you don't want to be biased, it is bull. Schultz was a warrior vs St Bonny, Morrow would have crapped himself. The best QB in this county was Schultz and the second best was probably his backup Jake Miller.

Anonymous said...

Quote of the week from anonymous 5:00PM.
"save your jealousy for when Paso & A'town are playing in the finals"
Where exactly is this game going to be played?
We can figure out this virtual game. We know Atas has the better defense and they held Saugus to 34 points vs Paso holding Hart to 35, advantage Hounds. But Paso's superior offense put up 7 points on Hart and A-town only scored 6, advantage Bearcats.
Hmmm. Can't pick a winner here.
Wait, Atascadero wins in the excuses department. A-town wins a close won because they said so.

Anonymous said...

People stop talking trash this is hard on the kids they do read this

Also when is the senior bowl going to be played and where. North county vs south county

Anonymous said...

To 7:16 Anon,

Guess that game was played last night, we'll have to settle for that. Both teams played and last I checked they still tied for the league title. Congrats to both of them.

My guess is your team wasn't playing last night cause the got spanked by the other two and thats why the better players from the 3 teams dominated the all-County team.

Anonymous said...

Atascadero beat Paso this year in a close game. Atascadero didn't get spanked last night like Paso did. The Hounds played a tough, hard fought game and were in it after 3 quarters. There's no tie here. Atascadero is the best in Pac-7 and Pac-7 smokes Los Padres.

Anonymous said...

PAC7 post season battle of the ranked teams.

SLO 7, St. Bonnie 27
Halftime SLO 0, St. Bonnie 6

Atas 6, Saugus 34
Halftime Atas 0, Saugus 13

Paso 7, Hart 35
Halftime Paso 0, Hart 21

The only game that wasn't over at halftime was SLO v St. Bonnie. And St. Bonnie is the #1 ranked team.

North County will cry fool because they beat SLO in League but SLO plays better in the playoffs.

Battle of the big games rankings

1st SLO
2nd Atas
3rd Paso

Anonymous said...

1st SLO???? You lost all credibility.

1st: MB
2nd: A'town
3rd: Paso

not ranked: SLO (you gotta advance to talk smack - the reason you played St. Bonnie is because you LOST to Paso & A'town - you obviously don't play well in ANY big game)

Keep putting down the LPL - LOSER, the scoreboard says otherwise, the NorthEast Division champion (which will be Oaks Christian) is on par with any Northern team. It's time for SLO/MB/A'town/Nipomo to re-schedule some local pre-league games and let the smack on the field rule.

Mad Dog said...

Morro Bay showed what they were made of compared to an average LPL playoff team. They would have gotten smoked by Oaks. You can't keep winning with one man show.
Watch the game footage of LPL games. The players move slow compared to Atas or Paso or even SLO. Pac7 will not schedule LPL games because you can't prepare for the season by playing lower level schools

SLO tied Nordoff 17-17 this year. Nordoff is still in the playoffs and MB is not. SLO would beat MB if they played this year. PASO nad ATAS would embarrass Morro Bay. Go back to your youth football LPL and stay there.

Pac-7 fan said...

Easy boys, No SLO is not the top team, Yes both Paso and Atascadero proved better. But any of the 3 would beat Morro Bay. San LUis would have a game of it. Atascadero would control 35 minutes of the game with their offense and damage the Pirates with their defense. And Paso would flat out run away from Morro Bay.

Anonymous said...

Anom 11:39

St. Bonaventure, Saugus and Hart are the ranked teams refered to.

That's the point, SLO was NOT ranked and played the #1 team.

Bonnie was supposed to drop 50 points on SLO. They dropped 44 on Westlake friday. We all know Morro Bay could have beaten St. Bonaventure.

Anonymous said...

Dream On SLO, so you tied Nordhoff, Nordhoff got a favorable draw in the play-offs and barely beat Nipomo - so I guess SLO is on par with a middlin LPL team. That says a lot SLO when all you can point to is a draw with a team in a division you look down on.

It is too bad SLO didn't play MB this year because Budd would have shredded the SLO secondary just like Paso did.

Face it SLO, you were 6-4-1. At least Paso & A'town can walk the walk and talk smack because they did on the field and smashed SLO.

Oaks Christian would have likely beat MB and would beat anyone soundly from the PAC-7, just look at how they played St. Boni.

If A'town had Nipomo's QB, they might have done some more damage in the play-offs. Keep talking ignoramus smack about the LPL.

As to scores, when your league champ can't beat a mediocre Rhighetti team this year, not much more needs to be said.

A'town and Paso can talk smack, but the SLO homers on this blog should just say thank you very much and move on.

Anonymous said...

SLO still is the current County CIF title holder from 2001.

Morro Bay will never have a year this good again. SLO looks at the CIF title everytime they walk in their gym. Morro Bay gets to look at the Templeton rivalry trophy. Cool. I got no beef with Morro Bay. I'm not even from this County. Santa Barbara County if you must know. So puff your chest up in pride if you must. It is short lived. Budd will rock on in College and be the next SLO County player of the year to play College ball. He deserves it. Next year Morro Bay will be back to where they were. Atascadero will be league champs again. Paso and SLO will fight to beat Righetti. And the world will be in balance again.

I was down at the SLO St. Bonnie game and found out about this blog.

If you think Morro Bay could have hung with Bonnie like SLO did then you need to lay of the juice.
I'm sorry your team lost. I thought MB would go farther. Don't really care though. SLO County can't compete with southern teams.

Anonymous said...

Johnson would start at any school in the county at wide receiver, and be the number one. stop hatin. He is going to play somewhere in college. Also, the 2005 County player of the year, Jebb Heavenrich, is playing football at Princeton.

Anonymous said...

you all have a good time we all know who is going to kick butt next year

Anonymous said...

A-town no doubt.

3 PAC-7 titles in a row coming up.

Can you say dynasty?

Captain of the Templeton Injured said...

As you may guess, i'm from templeton. All I can say, is all those A-town-bashing, Paso-bashing SLO favoratists are flat out retarded. Oh! That's right! They hung with st. Bonnie! They must be amazing! Well, as any well-informed football follower knows, teams match up differently against other teams. But if you claim that you are better than two teams based on you hanging in there with a tougher team, but still lose to those two teams, isn't that a sign of outright jealoiusy?

Oh, and isn't this supposed to be about all-county players? I think we sort of strayed from the point.

mbbball said...

you know anyone who says paso is better then atown and theyre better then mb and slo is better then whoever becasue so and so beat so and so is stupid. you cant say one team is better then another because they beat a team that played decently against another team, thats a stupid way to think about it. the truth is we will never know who's better between mb paso and atascadero. you can say paso and atown are in a bigger league and come up with countless points, but until they play eachother none of that matters, its just talk. so instead of bashing teams, you guys should be applauding them, even if mb wont have a team like this for a while you should congratulate them for what they did instead of trash talking. it seems like these blogs are a bunch of guys that never did anything during their highschool careers and so they have to get back at it by trash talking to eachother. i say congrats to all the slo county teams and goodluck next year.

Anonymous said...

I think that paso and atown dont matchup well with the foothill teams paso and atown want to beat you by beating you up with their strength and hard hitting mantality and hard nosed football

and the foothill teams want to out run you with track athletes.
and miss direction stuff.

The real men play with heart in the Pac7

Anonymous said...

GO SLO and you will

Anonymous said...

Dear football kids,

Congrats to our 3 best County teams. Morro Bay, Atascadero and Paso Robles. Making it to the 2nd round is an accomplishment. Thanks for all the great memories this year. Remember to always play fair and never cheat.

Love Grandma

anonymous said...

you start off with some good points, you want everyone to be nice. then you trash the trash-talkers. so what's your point ?
make a decision before you blog !
thanks, grandpa

anonymous said...

dear grandma,
Thanks for the three team congrats!
SLO, Atasc & PR

anonymous said...

All Scroggy team,
After reviewing all these blogs it's obvious COTTI was right, the biggest dissapointment was QB.
Look at the stats a little further;
SLO's pass/run yardage and attempts ratio was the largest in the county. In spite of this, Schultz led the county in passing yargage and shredded Bonny in the play-offs. This all happend with every defense knowing they'd pass on every critical down.
Go even further and check SLO's all-time game passing records.

Anonymous said...

I've sent more cookies to SLO. I hope that will make it all better. Now eat a cookie, finish your milk and go to bed. I have to go now Grandpa is waiting. :)

Love and hugs. Grandma

Captain of the Templeotn Injured said...

Thanks for mentioning my insight! You rule!

And thanks for bringing the blog back from that crap about which team is better(does it really matter? We all ended up losing in the end) to what the blog is actually about!

Overally, I'm going to go with my original general view: great choices.

And congrats to all who made it, because you porked hard, regardless of if I think you deserved it, and made it.

Oh, and drop the grandma alias, It's annoying.

Captain of the Templeton injured said...

Yes, you PORKED hard. your PORK is greatly appreciated, becuase it's sort of hard to have PORK as hardly PORKED at the way your PORKED.

Gotta love finger retardation.

Anonymous said...

Scroggs, in the future please make two teams.

1) All-County team excluding SLO high players because nothing less than SLO filling every position will do

2) All SLO high team. Now, Schultz can be 1st all SLO high team.

3) A list of all possible reasons we can twist SLO player evaluation because they must all be first team

1 - We got behind a lot and had to pass a lot
2 - We shredded St. Boni even though we only scored 7 points
3 - We threw a lot more
4 - Disregard other players with really good TD to interception ratios
5 - Disregard other players with better yards/attempt
6 - Disregard QB ratings
7 - Disregard coaches who watched the games
BTW, attemps and yards don't mean much. the best QB stats are TD to interception ratio and yards per attempt (not per game for per completion)

8 - Disregard losses in the 3 biggest games in the season

Congrats to all the playeres fortunate to make the All-County 1st/2nd/hon. mention since there really is not a lot to differentiate between most of the players with the exception of Budd and Tenhaeff who both stood out consistantly and in big games

Anonymous said...

In the future let the coaches decide.

Morro Bay is more then welcome in the PAC7 next year. Please join us. You can be the next Lompoc.

anonymous said...

Dear Scroggs,in the future,
Couldn't make much sense of your rantings 'till your last paragraph.
Then you nailed it, Budd stood out!
Tenhaeff was right behind and there were two more at his level (names ommitted to protect the guilty and avoid arguments).
Can't wait till next season!
Biased fans make this fun.

Anonymous said...

Scroggs, in the future please make two teams

1) All-County team from the PAC-7

2) All-County team from the Junior League LPL

anonymous said...

Dear back to the future,
It's OK to number your comments but in the future please follow proper outline rules. To qualify one of your numbered subjects please use letters.
Proper outline:

Once you've outlined properly please use your second language accurately so you can be understood.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the tip, felt the alphabet would be challenging so kept with simple numbering but congrats you figured it out!

Anonymous said...

you could make the leagues by enrollment:

AG, Righetti, SM, PV,Paso, A'town in one league

flip a coin on the Lompoc schools since they could go either way

SLO, Nipomo, Santa Ynez, MB, Templeton, St. Joes in the other

Anonymous said...

1) SLO
a. flubbed up dey seeson

2) Morro Bay
a. Doh best teem in da erea
b. Wit der bestin playar

3) Atascadero
a. aktully da besta i thinc

4) Paso Robles
a. no Paso da besta

5) Templeton
a. Pla Morro Bay da besta
b. getta dat trofy bak nex yeer

Anonymous said...

Scroggs, here's a better suggestion.

All-County team (All Pac-7 and LPL) made up that teams that win/lose and don't excuse

All-County Whiners team (SLO)

Anonymous said...

anon 5:13

That's the best idea I've heard of yet.

Anonymous said...

All-County "one year wonders" Morro Bay

Anonymous said...

correction, "two year wonders" they got to the 2nd round last year

All-County Win or Whiners - SLO

Anonymous said...

Why keep bagging on SLO. This poster isn't even from SLO. You must be jealous of San Luis. I'm not, don't even care to visit that town. I'm just am tired of hearing that Morro Bay could beat Atas or Paso. NOT

Anonymous said...

Of course I'm jealous, I'm from Santa Maria and we all know everyone in SM is jealous of SLO. NOT.

Pioneer Valley could beat Atas or Paso. To say that MB could not beat Paso or Atas shows how ignorant you are.

anonymous said...


The league formarly known as "Los Padres" will immediately change it's name to the 'PAC-7 Football Championship SUBdivision'

anonymous said...


The league formarly known as "Los Padres" will immediately change it's name to the 'PAC-7 Football Championship SUBdivision'

Captain of the Templeton Injured said...

Okay, I'm terribly, terribly sorry, but Pioneer has no chance in hell of beating Paso or Atascadero. That's just plain ridiculous.

If you're going to post on this blog, I'd advise at least trying to make sense.

And you're hating on the LPL for being composed of smaller schools, which means(excluding Budd), less talent.

And I do like that whiner's award. This is a BLOG. How are we to tell he's not from SLO? I think he is, seeing as he's the biggest whining poon I've read. Hey jackass, my team lost 3 important league games, decided by extremely close scores, and in the MB game, lost in the last 2 minutes. Are we bitching on and on in sports blogs? Shut up.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that all of you SLO people hate Morro Bay? Give Morro Bay credit, up until friday they had beaten everybody on their schedule. They only had 1 close game in the regular season, every other game they blew out their opponent. And yes, they would have beaten SLO this year and competed against Paso and Atascadero. They played 1 disappointing defensive game on the road with many defensive players injured. If you want to throw out game scores Nordhoff beat Nipomo in overtime.. and Morro Bay beat Nipomo 34-0! SLO beat Lompoc by a TD and Nipomo beat Lompoc by a TD. It looks as though SLO and Nipomo were very comparable!

Also, you state that Morro Bay will be back to where they always are...well they have been to the playoffs 9 out of the last 10 years (7 straight!). Everyone always counts Morro Bay out and they always prove people wrong! GOOD SEASON PIRATES IT WAS FUN TO WATCH! 11-1, best record on the Central Coast! Enjoy it, you've earned it!

Anonymous said...

I may also rag on some teams here but I draw the line when someone form outside the County wants to take on any of our County teams. From here on out I will support both the Pac7 and LPL teams from SLO County. Go home Santa Maria boy. We fight among ourselves but we are still family up here.

anonymous said...

Dear injurys, woulda, coulda,
Try reality.

Captain of the Templeton Injured said...

I agree with that. Besides, the Santa maria teams have horrible "manners", you could say. All the county teams have good fans, care about their programs, and repect the opposing school. After the game is over, the players in SLO county respect the other team that they played. When we lost to Morro Bay, we had nothing but respect for them, and rooted for them in every other game they played.

Santa Maria county fans are rude and not condusive to a positive environment, and their players not only play dirty, but they resent you after the game is over, whether or not they win.

Except for St. Joseph's, who needs to move their school up here, because they deserve our county.

Anonymous said...

CIFSS rankings before each game

Atas 30 vs Saugus 12
Morro 44 vs St. Bern 104
Paso 47 vs Hart 9
SLO 79 vs St. Bonn 14

Calpreps power ratings this week

atas 92 Saugus 14
Paso 116 Hart 11
MB 163 St. Bern 187
SLO 177 St. Bonn 15

Anonymous said...

This shows 3 things.

1) Morro Bay IS ranked hihger then SLO any way you look at it.
2) Atascadero is the area top team.
3) No one should play a private Catholic school.

Anonymous said...

the rankings show 2 things:

1) The central coast badly needed a win or two last weekend
2) No one should play a private school and I missed the part in the Bible about Thou shalt win football games

captain of the templeton injured said...

Exactly! I think it also preached against violence, and although the greatest of them all, football is a somewhat violent sport, so...they shouldn't play it!

anonymous said...

1) MB is ranked too high
2) No one should play a private catholic school, with one exception:
3) MB would loose to MP

Anonymous said...

Atas, Paso and SLO lost to much higher ranked teams. How did Morro Bay lose to such a lower ranked school? That actually is the only unexpected outcome in the playoffs. It probably has to do with not playing very strong teams all year and being over confident and over rated. Why don't they wait until the playoffs are over to pick the County Player of the Year. If the Tribune had waited until after the playoffs would Budd still be the man? They lost an easy win.

ATOWN!! said...

Ok wasn't MB in the same league as A, P, SLO for a few decades? and can anyone tell us how MB did through that time?

Anonymous said...

In reality the most impressive game from last Friday was Atas v Saugus. I listened to the whole game on the radio. Atas was much, much more competitive in that game then the score showed. And that was against a highly ranked team. The Morro Bay performance was a huge let down. They were supposed to tear those guys up. I think when you declare a Player of the Year to early it comes back to bite you. Look what happened to A-town last year after they had the County Player of the Year.
You started a new JINX.

Anonymous said...



It would of interest to many how the coaches voted on the area players.

Anonymous said...

This is really funny stuff but sad 2 know how many people really don't no what they r talken bout. Did anyone pay attn to Paso's Sophmore QB? He's the real deal and should have been the honorable mention and wouda pushed Shultz back down to JV to throw his high effic. screen passes. A couple homeys from SLO told me Shultz isn't even the best QB on his team. They got some big tall red head they put on the line they say throws bombs, but got no chance. Morrows runs & throws better, is tougher and had better stats and would have started over Shultz 2. Hounds were 1, Paso 2, then SLO. 1 good yr in LPL doesn't make MB a contender yet. MB had a great season though.

Anonymous said...

Paso's Soph sensation is real. Not just a good thrower but a tough kid that is durable.

Anonymous said...

I think paso QB is a future d1 prospect and probably is going to be next years player of the year
He is the real deal I played him that kid is really tuff
If he played the whole year he would have been up their with Budd for the player of the year

anonymous said...

Dear "people really dont know what they r talken bout"

You had one good point about Pasos QB but he did't have enough playing time.
Then you proved "you really don't know what you're talking about"

Anonymous said...

Dear 5:20 PM,

Obviously you know the game better than I do. Give me an example of why I "really don't know what I'm talking about" so I can have a good laugh. Anyone who has seen all of these kids and knows something about the game will agree with me. I do agree with you on the playing time for the Paso QB though. I did see him play 3 games this year and he's already better than the other starting QB's in the county! As for D1 prospects, there isn't a current QB in the county that an respectable D1 program would want. They are after guys that are 6'3" to 6'5" that can run and pass these days. Have you seen the size of the OL and DL's in D1 these days.

anonymous said...

Dear "people really..."


Anonymous said...


Sounds like you've never played the game or better yet you are from SLO. You can always tell someone's from SLO by the arrogance and inability to make a rational statement. Especially when you can't back it up. Just look at your football team and how cocky a couple of them were when they were getting it handed to them by the Hounds and Bearcats. Saw both games and you had no Sr. leadership.

anonymous said...

proved it again

Anonymous said...

Your SLO intelligence speaks for itself because you can't even defend your position. I'm now sure you are someones mother on this blog. Good Night Now.

Anonymous said...

MB could and would beat A'town, this year.


Their offense can score running or passing. Let me re-peat. It does not matter that A'town is more physical. He makes plays. Look at Dixon from Oregon, with him they can beat anybody, without they can't beat anybody.

Paso really dissapointed last week.

A'town ran out of gas, neeeded to make a couple of plays to be able to win. You have to give them credit for hanging in there. Morro Bay just did not make defensive plays they made all year - very dissapointing to not be able to make 1 stop. A'town was able to make some stops to keep in the game, just no horsepower on O.

Yes, SLO we know year in and year out you would likely beat MB. This year. Nope. You've got a good QB coming back - we'll see next year. Things change.

Anonymous said...

Good points you make 6:27 PM. That's the type of rationale that 6:20 PM can't make because he's SLO blinded. You gotta have people that can make plays to have a chance. Although MB might be able to beat one of the PAC 7 schools, I don't think it would have been Paso, Atas or SLO. You gotta have more than 2 or 3 talents on the field and it showed in MB's playoff game. Good luck to MB next year. I always like rooting for the little guys.

anonymous said...

Finally someone with some legit points. Although we wont all agree. All of SLO county found out it gets tough in play-offs. You cant measure one league v another unless they play eachother. You cant even factor in common opponents; ie Righetti/Atasc, AG/Righ. This is High School football! I love the the passion

anonymous said...

and again!

Anonymous said...

MB's offense couldn't beat a 100 something ranked team. How could they beat Paso or Atas? Who doesn't think rationally.

Anonymous said...

I'm from SLO and I gave credit to Paso's QB. I see his talent. I watched him tear up SLO. Not everyone from SLO is like you say. Don't alienate all of us from SLO. We know when we have been wooped. But we'll take a football game or street fight with Morro Bay any day.

Anonymous said...

all I can say is I just have to laugh at those that say no way that MB could beat A'town/Paso/SLO

they HAVE beaten those schools in the past, and to say THIS team would not be competitive, has only 2-3 players, etc., etc. , is just comical and plain ignorant.

Celebrate your teams, they could dazzle (and crush MB) next year.

MB lost to a GOOD team, not a great team like Saugus or Hart and we have yet to see if St. Boni is really as solid as those two. And we've seen how much stock the rankings have. How do you know how fast St. Bernard was if you were not there?

Anonymous said...

The same reason Jimmy Clausen is failing at Notre Dame, He played in a week league with no real competiton. He is 20 years old and can't compete in College. Budd would probably do better then Clausen. No one is slamming Budd. But if MB played a Pac 7 team Budd would be on his back the whole first half. He wouldn't want to come back for the second half. LPL guys just don't get it. Come up North for a lesson.

Anonymous said...

oh brother,

'Budd would be on his back'??

you really don't know football

He wouldn't be on his back the same reason Dixon wouldn't. Also, he played defense so you're tackling 5-6 times a game, so physically it's not a lot different than even if he were getting sacked a couple times more a game.

The reason Clausen is failing is not because of the lack of competition. It's because he had so many talented teammates in HS so that he looked a lot better than he actually was. He looks like a high school QB @ ND, but give him 3 years, who knows.

If Budd played for A'town, they COULD HAVE VERY WELL WON saturday, because he's an accurate strong passer, and he MAKES PLAYS and that would have keep A'town on the field longer, more chances to score, and worth about 10-14 points to his team which means instead of being 13 down in the 4th, A'town could have been even or up without the D being worn out but then we'll never really know.

The A'town QB is a good guy.


I look forward to seeing the Paso QB in two years, and we'll see over time if he's the real deal that he showed a glimpse of this year.

Anonymous said...

and if you put Tenhaeff on the MB D, they could have beat SB, because he would make D plays, but since it's not an all-star game it don't matter

Anonymous said...

Agreed. Budd at Atown = win.


Budd on any Pac-7 team = win.

So Budd is MB.

MB is no longer Budd. He is graduating.

anonymous said...

OK I get it, Budd's playing for Atasc but he's on his back. Tenahaeff is on MB's defense and ther're having a street fight. MB just beat all pac7 teams because it happened in the past with two players.
MB got beat by a fast St Bernard and Atasc is a greyhound. If Budd had redshirted K-garten and 6th grade he'd be at ND also.
Classen gets three more years, Paso QB gets two and Dixon none.
No wonder Budd's on his back, he just sacked himself!

Thanks for the clarification with no speculation.

Anonymous said...

speculation, sure, but based on a lot more than this blog's "MB just cannot beat Pac-7 teams" blinders

I give up. A'town is just the fastest strongest greatest group of athletes this side of Ventura, and there is no way a team like MB with 6-7 really good players and 1 outstanding player could beat them, what was I thinking!!!

is all better in your dream world now?

anonymous said...

Dear speculation,sure,
You dont get it!
Its a joke.
Im a Budd homer.
Makin fun of all the all-too serious people like you.
Obviously when I have to explain it, its over your head.
Lighten up, its high school FB

Anonymous said...

Glad to see the young QB from Paso getting some ink, but he's still got a ways to go. At least somebody earlier tonight realizes that Shultz doesn't belong in the same sentence with Budd and the other QB's. How many interceptions did he throw not to mention forced balls? He looked like scared Frosh QB when we played them. Budd's a solid athlete and definitely made the Pirates a good quality team this year. Still having a hard time believing he could do it all himself against the bigger, stronger and faster Pac 7 teams.

Anonymous said...

I case anyone reads this last post.

This Blog is DONE.

Let's wait for a new subject, It's way out of control.

Anonymous said...

No not yet. It's great to see all the humor-LESS and unintelligent people in this county open up their traps about their teams and players. If it has to close maybe we could just bag on the Tribune for not covering enough local sports period. I for one am tired seeing all the other garbage the editor decides is more important than covering our local sports....

Anonymous said...

He can start by doing an article on the All-Pac7 League and All-Los Padres League teams. Just call someone and get the info. The teams have been chosen. Some info is becoming public. I'm sure Scroggins can get the list for both leagues teams.
Last year the Santa Maria Times did an article on the All-Pac 7 League teams and posted the names.
Let's see if That newspaper beats out the Tribune again.

ATOWN!! said...

Like I asked before what is MB record vs Atascadero when they were playing in the same league?...

Anonymous said...

Blue anonymous

I very much enjoy your posts. If people would just lighten up and enjoy the sport of this they would get it too.

Keep up the great posts.

Anonymous said...

if you had schultz's line you would be scared too. The kid is tough..ask st bonny

anonymous said...

SLO had 10 rushing TD's
Atasc, MB & Paso all around 40.
There was no running threat.

Anonymous said...

So can we conclude that Shultz did a fairly good job since the opposing team knew they only had to defend against the pass? I would have to say if a High School football player wants to be a quarterback and get alot of gametime practice SLO is most likely the school to be at. Lately they have been pass heavy. Last year they had a better O-line for Reese.

Anonymous said...

we can conclude analyzing HS football players is like figuring out the BCS - useless, that is unless West Virginia & Mizzou both lose so Hawaii can play OSU for the true Nat'l Championship

Captain of the Templeton Injured said...

Dude, this is a HS football blog. Sorry. I saw shultz in person, and he's a lot like Rex grossman, in proportion to their repspective leagues. When he's hot, he look amazing. But that's maybe 25 percent of the time. The rest of the time, he jsut tosses the ball up, looking scared to get hit.

Budd steps into every throw, and he got the crap knocked out of him by one of our own linebackers when he threw, and got planted. It was a massive, loud, thump. And that happened to him all night when he passed against us in the 2nd half, but he just got up, and never lossed his poise. That's why he was the best, and that's why the paso QB is going to be the best when he's a senior.

anonymous said...

I have to agree with the Hawaii perspective !!
Cause if you mix hawiian pineapple with cottage cheese its almost unedible.
Go Rainbow Warrors!
(they're the closest college west of CA)

Capatin of the Templeton Injured said...

correction, in "lossed", I meant "lost".

anonymous said...

Your rantings seemed lossed

Anonymous said...

Budd's old news now. Never to play High school football again. That is why we talk about the Junior Shultz as well as the other underclassmen that play QB in our area. Paso QB situation? Is there a QB battle to be played out in Paso for next year? What unknown will QB for Morro Bay now? A-town who's your man? AG has a fine up and coming QB.

Anonymous said...

There is alot more personal envolment from a family in your son playing football over other sports. The hours it takes to get ready, the brutallity of the sport, not knowing if this is the week your kid gets hurt or not. It is understandable that folks show a much deeper interest in High School football then basketball. There is no where near the emotional investment from the parents in the kids for basketball then there is in football.

Anonymous said...


Nobody can say the O line for SLO or even their QB Shultz didn't perform decently this past year. Most of it comes down to Lewelling getting hurt and with it SLO's running game was gone for the rest of season. They had no other weapon in the backfield. He was semi-healthy at the end of the year and the O-line did well and got some good yards. Shultz had plenty of time in the pocket all year and wasn't sacked much so that's a tribute to the O-line and QB. If you saw any of the games you would know the play calling by the O-coordinator was horrible. I'd like to know how many times they tried to run their backup 130 lbs tailback up the middle? My sisters softball team could have stopped him easily too. Seasons over and its time move on to bigger and better things. How bout them Celtic's?

anonymous said...

Agree with your observations about the O lines DECENT pass protection and the lack of a running game. My point was: the passing stats and pass blocking are even more impressive since opponents didnt respect the run.
Improve on the run blocking and the passing game gets much easier.

Anonymous said...

Did Logan Budd get ALL-Los Padres League MVP? Does anyone know? Also, did Jerome Long make first team All-Los Padres League?

Anonymous said...

LeWelling is average, doesn't read well, he is more of a fullback, the little guy is a better back, he has more guts as well, the our SLO offensive coordinator is hindered by our head coach.

Anonymous said...

Interesting observations from SLO people. No wonder you finished third in PAC 6. No running game, not a good passing game and I like the idea to blame the head coach for play calling even though he didn't call the plays when we played em. He did hire the guy that did though. The little running back had some guts, but don't look for him to a superback next year. Hope you got some other kids to run and pass next year otherwise it'll be NorCounty again.

Anonymous said...

SLO offense was mostly Juniors. They will all be back next year. The Defense was all seniors. Shultz will start the year with the most experience at QB in the area. The offensive line will be returning 3 starters. Many great receivers will be back. This year SLO leaned on it's defense to keep them alive in games. Next year will be back to scoring 40-50 points a game. We will see what kind of defense SLO can put together. That little guy will be running the ball. The offensive coordinater will probably not be back.

Anonymous said...

Laughable. SLO needs to find somebody who can throw down field if they are hoping to score 40-50 a game. They've got good speed coming back in the receiver corp, but Shultz can't get them the ball deep or wide out.

Anonymous said...

Who throws the ball better than Schultz other than Budd?

Anonymous said...

Funny how SLO people bail on our offensive coordinator, he did a great job when I was a senior, maybe the kids should take some responsibility. I here he is moving on, I thank him for his intensity and dedication.

Anonymous said...

Maybe your SLO coaches can scout the local PPK contests for a fresh arm. I hear there's a stud 13 yr old girl that will be there next year. Booyah.

Anonymous said...

No, she already signed with Morro Bay.

Anonymous said...

anom 4:40,
We support the O Coordinator, don't let 1 comment make you feel for a moment that he doesn't have support, he does and is welcome back next year.

Anyone ragging on Shultz is ignorant. He was only a junior this year. He will come back much better next year. Also, he is a better baseball player then any other schools QB. Only Righetti has a QB that can throw as well as Shultz.

Anonymous said...

The only reason why SLO's offense struggled is because of the coaches.. we need a new head coach... i dont even think he likes coaching. and definately a new o coordinator that guy ruined so many kids senior season.

Anonymous said...

Whose senior season did the O coordinator ruin. Ill agree with the new head coach. SLO's good seniors played defense and the were ood at it. The Offense was a bunch of juniors. Dubois really never got going, that was the only knock I had on the play calling. LeWelling was average, Rose and Miller were often injured and Thorne never completely recovered. When those three receivers were on the field the SLO offense was much better.

Anonymous said...

As an offensive lineman from the 2006 SLO team, let me just say that the problem isn't with the coaching. San Luis always manages to take undersize lineman who probably wouldn't start on other teams and make a good offensive line. That is all because of Winninghoff. He is a good head coach, a great Line coach, who has won before. The O coordinator, Tony, makes some questionable calls and can be brash at times, but he knows that in order to win football you have to make big plays. It all comes down to the execution of the players. It's the exact same staff that posted record offensive numbers with the 2006 squad. The only difference was that this years team was younger. By next year, everyone will have a handle on how the system really works, and I fully expect SLO's offense to be potent next year.

Anonymous said...

Dear Olineman 2006 as a teammate of yours I can say that without coaches Henney, Kracher (especially), and Kelly last year we would not have been as good. Winninghoff has no passion and does not motivate. The reason why SLO was good this year was Ecklund came in when Kracher left.

Anonymous said...

Teammate, I definitely agree with you about our assistant coaches having more fire, especially Kracher, but at the same time, I have to credit Winninghoff for surrounding himself with an excellent staff that can account for his shortcomings. I think everyone, himself included, knows that he isn't the biggest Ra-ra guy, but he does understand football better than any of the other coaches, and he understands our system better than anyone (save Ecklund who designed it). Did Ecklund coach this year?

Anonymous said...

I also back Winninghoff. If you don't know him well then you don't know what a great man he is. He is much more then a football coach. You know the players themselves can take SOME responsability for getting fired up and playing well.

Anonymous said...

The Pac-7 League postseason honors were announced this week. They are listed below:

LEAGUE MVP- Jacob Norlock, Atascadero, Senior

Offensive Back of the Year - Nick Tenhaeff, Atascadero, Junior

Offensive Line of the Year - Kai Sanpei, Paso Robles, Senior

Defensive Back of the Year - Zach Thorne, San Luis Obispo, Senior

Defensive Line of the Year - Trevor Holloway, Atascadero, Senior

First Team Offense:

OL- Kai Sanpei, Paso Robles, 12; JR Reynolds, Paso Robles, 12; Steven Aluran, Righetti, 12, Brett Hiatt, Atascadero, 12; Marcus Johnson, Atascadero, 12

WR- Robert Rose, San Luis Obispo, 12; Brett Wise, Paso Robles, 12

TE- Sean DuBois, San Luis Obispo, 12

FB- George Lopez, Arroyo Grande, 12

QB - Steven Manier, Atascadero; 12

RB - Nick Tenhaeff, Atascadero, 12; Nathan Nelson, Paso Robles, 12

K- Ryan Bedell, Paso Robles, 12

First Team Defense:

DL- Trevor Marsano, Paso Robles, 12; Trevor Holloway, Atascadero, 11; Drew Wendler, Arroyo Grande, 12; Jason Fitzsimmons, San Luis Obispo, 12

LB- Jack Robinett, Atascadero, 12; Jesse Aragon, Righetti, 12; Kenny Sugishita, Arroyo Grande, 12; Zach Thorne, San Luis Obispo, 12

DB- Mason Blow, Lompoc, 12; Travis Davis, Paso Robles, 12; Adam Wilson, Righetti, 12; Jake Miller, San Luis Obispo, 12

P- Robbie Nadalsky, San Luis Obispo, 12

Second Team Offense:

OL- Josh Vasquez, Arroyo Grande; Ricky Johansen, Atascadero; Dylan Cramer, San Luis Obispo; Aaron Leach, Lompoc; Jose Lopez, Paso Robles

WR- Trevor Salas, Arroyo Grande; Michael Stark, Paso Robles

TE- Steven Morehart, Lompoc

FB- Josh Weferling, Paso Robles

QB- Justin Level, Righetti; Davey Schultz-San Luis Obispo

RB- Bryan Lewelling, San Luis Obispo; Bobby Collins- Lompoc

Second Team Defense:

DL- Gilberto Rios, Lompoc; Tyler Boyd, Righetti; Pay Conway, Righetti; Carlos Faumuina, Righetti

LB- Jake Morehart, Lompoc; Weston Powell, Paso Robles; Garried Mitchell, Paso Robles; Travis Hester, Atascadero

DB- Robbie Boggs, Paso Robles; Michael Lombardi, Atascadero; Andrew Hernandez, Atascadero; Kwaku Farkwye, San Luis Obispo

anonymous said...

Dear Coaches,
Why don't you call it the Pac-7 all senior team? Many-many juniors and sophs are more deserving! ie Manier? Level and Shultz were much more deserving.
Congrats Tenhaeff, they thought you were a senior!

Anonymous said...

oh by the way atowns on the juice! if u didnt already know

Anonymous said...

Don't make comments like that and trash good kids. If you make a comment like that sign your name to it. Atascadero has hard hitting players that are fast. It doesn't take juice for that. Now you get off the sour grapes.

Anonymous said...

How is Garried Mitchell second team he was clearly if you went to the games the best hitter and tackler in the Pac 7 he had alot of interceptions and he was also a better returner than Nathan Nelson if you watched this kid he was in the highlights every friday night with a huge hit or big play
He will be a superstar for paso next year a three year starter and the leader of the bearcats