Monday, November 12, 2007

County Player of the Year

In response to a couple of the commenters, it's never too early to start thinking about player of the year candidates.

I put up a new poll so readers can vote on their pick.

So cast your votes there. If there's anyone I left out, let me know on the comments. And also, please give your votes for All-County first- and second-teamers.

I know playoffs are just starting for the big two leagues, but The Tribune's policy the past few years has been to get the All-County stuff out on Thanksgiving, which is fast approaching. Don't wait until it's too late to get your input heard.


Anonymous said...

SLO candidates

QB David Shultz
RB Brian Lewelling
LB Zach Thorne
DL Jason Fitzsimmons
OL Dylan Cramer
TE Sean Dubois
Kicker Rob Nadalski

Nate Egan
Jackson Cebulla

Anonymous said...

Player of the year.....

Logan Budd.

If anyone can make a case for anyone else then do it.

Anonymous said...

Make sure they are going to graduate from high school before you glorify them as the County Player of the Year. Last years boys basketball player of the year did not graduate and a quick check with the school regarding academics might be wise.
There is life after high school athletics

Captain of the Templeton Injured said...

True, very true, which is why although I ahve an affinity for sports, I am pursuing chemical engineering and have a 4.0...but that's really besides the point, since that states nothing.

But, for all intensive purposes of this being a SPORTS BLOG, let's focus on athletic achievement, eh? Good.

P.S. Are you insinuating that Logan Budd is a below-average student?

Anonymous said...

talk about a sour post form 9:06.

what exactly was your point? OK, I get it, let's have the trib publish GPAs of every single football player in the County, so that the tribune can put a GPA on the stat line some offensive lineman with a 2.06 or a receiver with dsylexia whose got a 2.2

What a Loser! Or maybe it's jealosy.

Captain of the Templeton Injured said...

Hey, I'm back to comment again on the "sour post" of 9:06 PM today. True, there is life after high school athletics.

But once again, this is a blog ABOUT high school athletics. Why would you try to insult those who are achieving in what they're good at? SO what if they only have 2.5's? If they're good enough to go to college and perform there, power to them, I say. Don't be a jackass.

ATOWN!! said...

I don't have anything to do with the above posts....but I'm praying that the captain of the templeton injured quits posting here....LOL

San Luis Rooter said...

I would like to nominate some from the Tigers

David Shultz
Robert Rose
Jake Miller
Jason Fitzsimmons
Nate Egan
Zach Thorne
Sean Dubois

Captain of the Templeton Injured said...

...Damn, looks like I posted. And I'm wondering, why is Zack Thorne getting more votes? I mean, yeah, he's an outstanding WR/LB, but he's not quite at the same level as Budd.
I think I'm going to emphasize that every day. Just for atown!!.

Anonymous said...

People may get MVP confused with Player of the Year. Each team has an MVP for sure. But County Player of the Year is an outstanding player in our County that comprises of everything from ability, value to his team, Value to the local football community, stats leader, 2 way player, etc, etc. Did I leave anything out.

That is why Logan Budd is the clear choice in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

MVP or Player of the Year, it's Budd,

Can someone from SLO explain why all the votes for Thorne. He appears to be a good player, but are you really comparing him to all good players out there like Budd or Tenhaeff.

Budd and Tenhaeff are in the same category, IMO.

mbbball said...

budd is the player of the year for many reasons. 1 check the stats, if thats not enough, he is more important to his team then any other player in slo county hands down no argument, thirdly his team went 10-0. i dont think their is much of an argument, whoever is voting for slo so much needs to get a clue becasue budd is the obvious choice.

Anonymous said...

Aside from Budd who could probably be nominated in 3 or 4 catagories, for all county:

QB: Dave Schultz, SLO
Mason Sperakos, Nipomo

Receiver: George Johnson, MP

Receiver & DB: Kyle Webb, Nipomo
Tyler Bogart, Temp

Rushing: Nick Tenhaeff, Atas.
Nathan Nelson, PR
Duran Gonzalez, MB
Ben Terry, Temp

Defense: Jerome Long, MB
Zac Thorne, SLO
Sean McCaffrey, Temp
C.J. Moss, MB

Kicking: Ryan Bedell, PR
Punting: Rob Nadalski, SLO

Anonymous said...

Any great player from the weaker league will look outstanding. If Budd played in the PAC-7 he would still be a great player but he wouldn't stand out like he does in the LPL.

If people aren't allowed to vote then why have a poll? If you want to give Budd the Player of the Year and not have input on it that's fine. No one will argue. He is a great player that is very popular.

ATOWN!! said...

Ya that sucks you commented again captain.....looks like we're all going to suffer alot....and it looks like i'll have to vote against Nick T. and vote for Zack T......this sucks!

Anyways anon @ 7:17AM I agree with your comment!

Shouldn't people put the playoffs into consideration?.....if Nick T. or Zack T. does insane in the playoffs and Morro Budd gets shut down....wouldn't that be taken into consideration! (and I'm not all saying Budd will get shut down, he looks legit....but I think the playoffs say alot especially knowing that like 7 of the teams Morro Budd played had really bad records)

Anonymous said...

Nope, no playoffs, not fair to players on teams that didn't make the play-offs.

why the 'vote against ...' this is a vote for someone.

It's the player of the year, not the players of the year. Make a case for someone, not against someone.

If you want to exclude Budd, just exlude all LPL players 'cause they're in a lousy league. How about exclude everyone that doesn't play for SLO - great idea.

Rhigetti lost to AG, so I think we should exlude Rhighetti players, no players from there. Or, anyone that plays SM should be excluded because SM had a uncompetitive team in the league. Exlude A'town, because they had an unexplained loss, we can't have that.

Anon E. Muss said...

We should exclude Righetti players anyway because it's the SLO County player of the year and Righetti is in a different county.

Anonymous said...

Player of the Year is a done deal.

Put in suggestions for ALL-County first and second team players.

Recommend players from your favorite team.

I don't know how any individual knows enough about all the county teams to make recommendations like 11:27 pm did.

I watched AG get ripped by SLO this year. That defensive front 3 Egan, Fitzsimmons and Cebulla destroyed the AG offensive line. And on offense Lewelling ran like a beast.

Anonymous said...

that's the problem, not too many of us have watched multiple games or multiple teams.

Saw the Nipomo QB against MB, he looked good, even though they got pummeled, and his stats are good for a High School QB. The SLO QB has good stats, the Paso QBs don't have enough reps, as a tandem they'd be 1st or 2nd team.

1st QB: Budd
2nd QB: Sperakos or Schultz

1st RB: Tenhaeff (no question)
after that
then Gonzalez, Nelson, & Terry stand-out, Terry lacks reps but the Avg. & TD /carry are outstanding

I don't know how to pick the receivers, you almost have to go with the first 4 on the stat list

bearcat101 said...

after reading all the comments on here, im disappointed that no offensive line players have been recognized much at all. i vote for kai sanpei from paso for 1st team all county. i dont know of many other offensive line players from other schools so people should nominate more of them..

ATOWN!! said...

ok....if the playoffs aren't fair...then morro bay playing a bunch of crapy teams isn't fair....actually let's put it this way....let's assume A, P, S was playing in LPL (bunch of crappy teams)...then multiply each of A,P,S top performers performances by 2....and that's what we should vote on!....and this of course is speaking from an LPL fan logic! .....correct me if i'm wrong!....

ATOWN!! said...

Anon 11:44 AM

by the way you're right...I didn't mean against Nick bad!

Anonymous said...

life isn't fair,

you do have to multiply, but not by 2

is A'town a better team the MB??

who knows, the rankings factor in schedule, like BCS computers, and we all know how well those predict.

MB beat St. Joe, which clobbered AG, which beat Rhighetti, which beat A'town so of course MB would slaughter A'town --- NOT!

If Budd played in Pac-7, he'd also have better lineman? receivers? maybe not

bunch of crappy teams - you mean like AG & Lompoc?

Cabrillo & SM yes, but not the others - Templeton with a healthy Terry could have hung with A'town

the disparity is there, but not as great as you think

Anonymous said...

I 2nd Kai Sanpei for 1st team O-line.
With respect, from SLO

ATOWN!! said... isn't fair huh.......well then like I said the playoffs should count....because according to Anon 11:44...playoffs aren't fair to players not plaing in playoffs....oh and yes Atown is better than mb...sorry hate to break it to you....remember mb and atown use to be in the same league for yeeeeeeeears....and I think mb beat atown once....the only way we can see if mb could beat atown is if they play each other....which i would love to see...

....oh and yes if budd played for p-7 he would have a better line....better receivers etc....but he would be limited to one position....because he would now be playing with a team...not with himself...

....oh and no I meant crappy teams that are already smaller in size that have 2-8 the way AG had a coaching change this season but they still hung in there....lompoc might have struggled a little this year but they still play in a tough league and they had a tough preseason like atown!

now I know your going to go cry....but just face it facts are facts and the truth is the truth....maybe someday you might understand....maybe not!?!....I'll sympathized with you lol....hahaha

ATOWN!! said...

Everyone lets face it MB trying to play in P-7 is like Coast Union trying to play in

Anonymous said...

nice! hate to break it to you, but MB could take down A'town, this isn't 1993 or 2000 or 1989

as to whether Budd would be limited to one position, which is that? QB, kicker, punter, DB, RB

and this is because there's a PAC-7 rule against two-way players

why is it that the LPL only has 'players' and not teams

seems the St. Joe 'team' thrashed AG, pretty much like the SLO 'team' did

this perception that LPL are not teams is laughable, certain players stand-out more on certain teams

Gonzalez of MB stands out, for any team

A'town would beat MB is based on what??? That they clobbered some Valley also rans??

PAC-7 fan said...

annonymous 2:58 pm

Go ahead an nominate the 6 or 7 best Morro Bay players by position for All-County.


More nominations from Atas please. Which O-linemen were most important in blocking for Tenhauff?

Anonymous said...

sorry to break it to you,

MB is better than A'town. A'town can't pass.


too bad we won't see it happen

A'town will be gone this weekend, and after MB thomps into the semis, you'll change your tune

anonymous said...

Budd for MVP(most versatile
player),that frees up four positions.

QB: Schultz, SLO
RB's: Tenhaeff, Atasc
Nelson x 2
WR's: Johnson, MP
Rose, SLO
OL: give it to the running teams (Atasc & PR can continue arguing)
Defense: McCaffrey, Temp
Thorne, SLO
FG/EP: Montiel, PV
Punt: Nadalsky, SLO

ATOWN!! said...

....looks like MB is backing themselves up in a corner like paso did before the A v P game....except MB is in a different league than atown! unlike mb I'm not going to shoot myself in the foot and look like a bunch of idiots and call the playoffs to soon....although I believe atown will beat Moorpark in first round.....but MB your looking like real idiots right now....and if you lose in your weak league and atown moves on then you'll look reaaaaaaaal

Anonymous said...

if MB loses 1st round, they will look real bad, they're the best bet in the County with their match-up.

no way they lose 1st round

after that, they could lose any round or win the whole thing

frankly, i'll be shocked if any County team wins it all, and won't be surprised if no one is left after 2nd round. Paso's got the best shot to win it all, IMO

weak league?? The Tri-Valley league is on par with the Pac-7,

jawn d'ho said...

I would put in Ben Terry as one of the all-county running backs. After 5 games he had 580 yards and the best per-carry average. Had he continued full tilt, would probably have been top rusher in the LPL, maybe in the county. He played great defense in the MB game and a good kicker as well. Another versatile player.

Captain of the Templeton Injured said...

You know, atown!! obviously haven't seen any of the people play that you are talking about. I mean, I obviously saw a lot of Logan Budd, but, being injured severely and all, I also saw tenhaeff and thorne play. They're amazing players. But they are nowhere near as great as Budd. You still think he's great, because you'd be an idiot if you didn't, but all you saw was the stat sheet on maxpreps. I've seen every one(except the MP reciever) of the nominations play at least one game. The way Budd controls the game is what makes him so great

And the anonymous who listed Terry as one of the oustanding backs, thanks, he really is outstanding, but a high ankle sprain in practice made him miss most league games, and see only limited play the rest of the year. Personally, if he was playing for atascadero, I think atown!! wouold be singing the same song, but with the word "Terry" a lot more.

Oh, and I voted for Budd because unlike atown!!, I vote based on what really counts, not which team I favor.

ATOWN!! said...

...hey jack s**t...I saw highlights of budd on the friday night sports shows....I think budd is an awesome football player....and he is the MVP for morro bay....but he also plays in many different positions. Tenhaeff plays one position so his skills are limited to one position. Unlike mb and TEMPLETON!!....we play other players in other positions so everyone can play if you take Logans strongest position he played at and compare it to others on the county player of the year list at each one of their one positions they played at, that would be the correct way to compare....because otherwise every year MB or Coast Union or Templeton could play one player at multiple positions and they could look outstanding in blind eyes like yours....while schools that have players playing really good at one position against stronger teams will get over looked....

...and what about TJ Nelson....he's listed as 3rd in the state on maxpreps for most rushing yards.....that sounds like MVP status.....why does he only have 4 his outstanding county representing achievement going to be overlooked that easily by logan budd?...

...another way you could compare would be logan against Nick T. and Atowns k, p, db, and whatever else positions logan plays (or Paso, SLO, AG, etc in place of Atown)...

so what does cap of templeton idiots have to say now? can't wait read this....

...oh and whoever made the stupid comment about Atown playing weak valley teams....Clovis was a high ranked team last year and they either won CIF or got far in it...and how about Dinuba....shutting out their first 2 opponents....and then atown coming in and shutting them don't know what your talking about it's cool :)

Anonymous said...

... Clovis was a high ranked team ...LAST YEAR. this is this year, do you have the right Clovis school?? do your homework

... Dinuba??? you've got to be kidding

your point about a players for A'town only playing one position so that other kids play??? if a 2-way player is the best at both, it would be stupid coaching to not let them play?? you mean A'town just plays players to let 'em play. maybe A'town is weaker than we think

let's take Budd and compare.

QB, he's number 1 period, look at the rating, yards/attempt, TD/interception ratio, and rushing yards, that's how you measure a QB

Kicker, They don't even show touchbacks, leads in FGs, better than the A'town Kicker

Punter, #2 in the County, better than the A'town Punter

DB, leads in INTs, better than the A'town DB

who is getting overlooked??

Tenhaeff is not

Nelson is not

if anyone is overlooked, it's MB's Gonzalez, look at the yards/reception for MB receivers, they must be overlooked.

The two guys who really would get overlooked are Terry, cause he didn't have the touches or the Paso QB 'cause he didn't get the reps

what's your point?? if you keep downgrading LPL just because they have a few less students/players ane more play two-way doesn't make them a worse team - it means a team like A'town has a better chance of wearing in down if they play, ok, you win, A'town is better cause it's a bigger school -doesn't mean the players are better

Anonymous said...

OK, A'town hot-shot

Dinuba shut out Orosi, so what?

Dinuba beat Immanuel 17-0

MB beat Immanuel 38-7

both Pioneer Valley & St. Joes crushed AG (just like A'town did)

and PV barely lost to Rhighetti (just like A' town)

If A'town is better than MB, they haven't shown it

Anonymous said...

Are there any other players from Morro Budd to nominate other then Logan Bay?

Anonymous said...

Gonzalez @ RB

CJ Moss for LB
Ronnie Cain for LB

Lugo for WR

Long for TE and DE

any other players from Atascatenhaeff?? other than Nickadero??

atown!! said...

very stupid as usuall.... actually I'll correct you since your waaaaay off, to have other players play positions very well is better than relying on one person idiot...relying on one person is risky if budd gets hurt mb is DONE....but I can't say it's bad coaching because if you only have one player doing all the playing and scoring then that is what you have to do to hats off to the coach....BUT if budd is a senior this year mb won't be anything again until the next once in a mb lifetime budd comes through....unlike atown who has mostly a junior varsity TEAM and upcoming GROUPS of talent this year and the next few to follow.

and as far as your horrible comparisons.....

atown doesn't kick FG's or Punt because we make first down's and touchdowns (sorry no comparison)

atown rarely ever threw so we can't compare that

logan got some interceptions i'll give him that....sounds like logan was going up against some weak LPL quarterbacks LOL....but you don't need interceptions if your D keeps the score down like Atowns great D ...but i'll still give budd the interceptions.....

so ya you STILL have nothing.....and you still play in a weaker you still won't have a good see, atowns and pasos running backs did great against bigger badder schools whether you want to admit it or not!....and whether clovis and dinuba are bad in YOUR eyes....they would murder MB!

I'll tell you what, if mb makes it to the 3rd round of playoffs and logan does his logan stuff...then i'll be convinced he's a legit comparison....but if atown goes up against st bon and they do well as a team then I won't....

...I'm sorry you feel belittled but you do play in the LPL and you've played against really weak teams....LOL

ATOWN!! said...

....when you play against a team like St Bon....and you still score more points than other bigger schools did against them....and you hold one of the best running backs in the country to one of his lowest rushing games of the season...even lower than those really highly ranked teams....then i'll give MB a better comparison!

Captain of the Templeton Injured said... just said that you don't get interceptions if your D shuts down a defense...yet that is exactly what causes them to pass more.

And Yippee! You saw the HIGHLIGHT REEL ON KSBY!! You are the best!! You're obviously right!! Sorry, but when I say see the player, I mean watch the whole game, not just the touchdown run.

Let me phrase it for you properly:

Atascadero: best team in the county

Budd: best player in the county

And I agree with the anonymous comment, even if you are a smaller school, that doesn't change how good you are.

And look at the numbers for LPL QBs...about the same in terms of TDs to INTs...but with far less attempts, yet he still manages to lead the county in interceptions.

But, as I said, just looking at statistic isn't enough. Watch one of the playoff games, and see what I mean. He turns the field into one hald on defense, and leads his team as a QB while breaking tackles and avoiding would-be tacklers almsot every time he has the ball.

Oh, and one last note, fighting over the internet is just like the special olympics. Even if you do win, atown!!, you're still retarded.

Anonymous said...

All-County Logan Budd

QB Davis Shultz
RB Nick Tenhauff, Nathen Nelson
FB Brian Lewelling
OL Kai Sanpei
OL Brett Hiatt
OL J.R. Reynolds
OL Dylan Cramer
TE Jerome Long, Sean Dubios
WR Robert Rose
WR Brett Wise

DL Thane Atkinson
DL Jason Fitzsimmons
DL Jackson Cebulla
LB Jack Robinet
LB Zac Thorne
LB Travis Hester
LB George Lopez
LB Nate Egan
DB Kwaku Farkwye
DB Heath Palmer
SFT Jake Miller

Punter Rob Nadalski

Anonymous said...


you should really think before you post.

you say Clovis & Dinuba would murder MB???

you really don't know football or watch other teams do you?

Dinuba plays in a weaker league than the LPL

Clovis hasn't won a game

MB or Templeton or St. Joe's or PV are more than 1-2 man teams..

Terry is just as good, and maybe better than Tenhaeff, but Templeton is not a one man team.

I don't agree A'town is the best team, just because they've played a tougher schedule. If I had to pick, I'd still say Paso is the team I'd bet on between MB, A'town, & Paso.

PV & Nipomo are making the LPL tougher. AG and Rhigetti have lost players to Nipomo & PV and aren't as good, the Pac-7 is down.

I'd like Lompoc & Rhigetti to go to the LPL with MB & Nipomo to go to the PAC-7 (Templeton is just not large enough yet, but give it another 3-4 years), then this debate would be moot.

MB has Long, Gonzalez, a pair of LBs and receivers that would start on any Pac-7 team... speed at all the skill positions, they are a fast team - so was Templeton but they were heavily dependant on Terry.

MB played Oaks Christian last year in the play-offs, hung for a half, and then the Oaks Christion ringers, recruited track stars, took over. I don't think A'town or MB could beat Oaks this year, but hopefully MB will get to play that game, because all the juniors that played that game last year for MB are seniors...

Budd is great, but MB has lots of skilled players. they just won't get a test until the 2nd round,

A'town is suspect, because they're 4 yards and a cloud of dust. They are a tough team though, and who knows, they could grind out 4 straight Ws, like AG used to do under Huff to win CIF.

You have to watch the games, see the zip on the throws, how a QB looks a D away, how many yards a RB gets on his own and not due to the line, see which receiver really has hands......

the only was A'town would beat MB would be to run it up their throat, side-to-side would not work, and I'm guessing A'town might be able to get away from it, but they would not shut MB down. MB could score running or throwing.

Anonymous said...

Your 5:58 post proves that you never watched a Morro Bay game or even bothered to look up the team's stats. You said "if you have only one player doing all the playing and scoring ..." Look at the numbers dude.
Budd scored 16 of the Pirate's 55 TD's . . that is only 29%, hardly one person doing it all. How does that compare with the Hounds? Tenhaeff scored 16 of their 41 TD's which is 39%. But, going further than those two, how about depth? The second highest scorer at MB was Gonzales with 14 TD's. At Atascadero, Hernandez with 6. All-in-all, 13 Pirates scored TD's on a team of 40 players, at A-town, only 11 scored on a team of 56. Your misconception of MB as a one-man-team is undoubtedly the reason you cannot understand their success. And, please, give us the names of the other Atascadero players to be considered for all county.

Anon E. Muss said...

Sure, Atascadero was playing some "valley also-rans" such as Washington Union, which is still alive in the Central Section playoffs and is led by a quarterback that committed to Fresno State to be the next Vince Young, or a Michael Vick that's nicer to dogs. "Valley also-rans" such as Dinuba, also still alive in the Central Section playoffs. I'll concede Clovis, but at the time that home-and-home was scheduled, the Cougars were yearly contenders for the TRAC title (which is really saying something). Of course, the admin running out a classy coach who ran a classy program for too few wins, only to hire some guy from Texas whose last team went 1-9, might have had something to do with Clovis' downfall.

As for the other "valley also-rans" on Atascadero's schedule, Atascadero went on the road to Thousand Oaks and beat the Lancers there, and that's with only 19 yards of passing. Thousand Oaks, by the way, is in the playoffs. The Hounds also played St. Bonaventure much more closely than the final score indicated (I actually WATCHED the game IN PERSON, and I'm guessing most of you can't claim that). Atascadero ran at St. Bonnie for 287 yards and had 30 passing yards.

But have you seen Atascadero the last two weeks? There's a passing offense now! The Hounds still run first, but they can get first downs by throwing the ball, and back the linebackers off the line of scrimmage.

Another way to look at the Righetti game: maybe it's better to have a bad game and lose to a team you should beat in league play instead of in the first round of the playoffs, like last year.

anom said...

I have read all of your comments anon e mus last blog makes the most sense on this pge. To think MB could beat Atascadero is just silly and templeton thats just dumb. Atascadero, Paso Robles , and San Luis Obispo would stomp any team in the LPL.

Does anyone realize Tenhaeff is only a junior. I don't even remeber hearing about Budd as a junior. When was the last time a junior won county player of the year anyways i think he is worthy but it won't happen not if there is any senior that is comparable. Tenhaeff is a D1 prospect i don't know if the same can be said for Budd maybe?

Tenhaeff started the year at safety and rotated in as 3rd string RB until game 4 or 5 when they realizd they had to start him he was too good. His first game as a starting rb he ran for something like 200 yards followed by 240 and 250 and like 9 or 10 TD's. He had the only scores from RB against St. Bonnie and Thousand Oaks the two toughest opponents anyone in this county has played and thats while starting at safety or corner. Both of those teams would crush MB and let Budd and all his fans know what its like to play with real D1 caliber players. No direspect to Budd, But MB hasn't seen this and won't all the way through the playoffs.

Don't forget Tenhaeff has one of atascaderoes few interceptions and highest reception averages, as well as a TD pass so i would disagree that he is a one dimensional skill player. Look to see him going both ways next year as well as returning kicks and punts if they need him to. We may even see him at QB we saw glimpses of it against SLO and Paso.

MB needs Bud to go both ways to compete and i would bet Tenhaeff would be doing the same at MB. Atascadero needs Tenhaeff to carry the ball and to give some of the other more than capable football players the opporunity to play because they can.

With that said Bud is the only other possible choice for county player of the year and he is deserving. I think he could of been a good player in the PAC7 but not nearly as dominant as he was in LPL. Its a shame we will never know.

I hope MB goes somewhere in he playoffs but lets face it there is no really tough competiton. And I know Nordhoff tied SLO early in the season but SLO would give them a beating now. I would pick Atascadero, SLO, or Paso to win the CIF championship in that division, kind of like Lompoc did , before they were moved up to the PAC7, since they haven't placed better than 4th or 5th.

Atascadero is playing Moorepark who handed Newberry Park its only loss of the season and look to play Saugus in the second round arguably one of the top ten in the state.

And sense we are comparing Budd to Tenhaeff why don't we bring up coast unions rb T.J. he is one of the top 5 rushers in the state. But of course he won't be considered because he plays for coast union and coast union is to MB as MB is to Atascadero not at the same level.

This year is a tough one to choose because of the diversity in teams,players, and level of competition.

I see only two choices, the best players on the best teams in their respective leagues Tenhaeff or Budd.

And for other Atascadero players that must be considred, the entire defense inparticularly; Holloway, Hester, Lombardi, Robinett, Norlock, Atkinson, Hernandez.

Anonymous said...

Here's 2 great Arroyo Grande players.

WR/DB Trevor Salas
FB/LB George Lopez

ATOWN!! said...

thanks anon 1237 and 242---

....ya i'm done fighting with LPL fans they sound like a broken record....arguing with PR fans was more difficult because they knew what they were talking about.....but in the end we all know Logan will get player of the year....he'll get voted by the blind...and the LPL is a weak THE END! :)

Beercat said...

I've seen every player mentioned this year, no question who is the #1 guy ............


Anon E. Muss said...

I don't think Tenhaeff would become Atascadero's quarterback. The halfback pass trick play is a nice surprise once in a while, but Tenhaeff's skills are better utilized as a tunning back. Besides, Smet will be back next year... anyone know how good he is? He's only attempted a couple of passes late in blowouts, so it's hard to tell. But if he loses out in the QB competition at the start of next season, this year's JV guy (Poulin) is a good thrower and is very good at running the option. I think varsity football fans around the county will be in for a treat if this year's JV offense makes an appearance at the varsity level in the next year or two. I know the defenses aren't as tough at the JV level, but the JV offense can practically score at will. The only defenses that bottled up the Atascadero JV are St. Bonaventure (29-6 Atascadero loss) and Thousand Oaks (14-13 Atascadero win).

ATOWN!! said...

hey does anyone from atown know this years JV scores?

Anonymous said...

For the record. TJ Nelson is a great kid, but was a fourth stringer at SLO before he transfered to Coast Union and at best would be a blocking back for LeWelling at SLO this year.

Captain of the Templeton Injured said...

Yeah, and uhh...the comment on how Coast Union's league is to the LPL what the LPL is to the Pac-7...that's a little ludicrous. The Pac-7 is obviously a much stronger league than the LPL, but half the LPL teams would be very competitive if they played in the Pac-7(I'm speaking of Morro Bay, Templeton, PV, and Nipomo).

I think TJ Nelson would be a great back(second to Tenhaeff) is he was in the Pac-7 or LPL, but not as outstanding, because the Pac-7 and LPL play extremely higher level teams(excepting Santa Maria HS).

I think It should outright be Logan Budd who wins. He leads the county in interceptions in a league that throws the ball considerably less than the Pac-7, has a 40-yard punting average, he's statistically amazing. But the difference is, he controls the game better than any of these players, even if it is at a slightly lower level of play than the Pac-7.

Tenhaeff is an extremely outstanding back, but he has integral parts of an extremely outstanding team that allow him the success he has. If any of you watched the Templeton/MB game, you know that Templeton is a much better team than Morro Bay. But Budd is a much better player than the Templeton team, and that's who won the game.

So what if he's won all their games for them, he's the one who's doing it. The rest of his team has success because everyone is focused on stopping him. If a single player is the reason why a team is 10-0, and has scored over 50 touchdowns, he deserves the MVP.

Anonymous said...

it's obvious from the poll, the SLO homers read this the most.

Finally, at least one sensible post form A'town, but you are delusional about the disparity of your team vis a vis the LPL and especially your division as well.

For the last time, look at the Tri-Valley league, the top teams there competed better against St. Boni than your beloved Pac-7.

I'll repeat. MB will likely have to beat two Tri-Valley teams to win CIF, and if they do (which I doubt) there will be no question in my mind MB is as good as A'town, regardless of whether A'town wins it's division.

To say SLO tied Nordhoff, but SLO is now a better team ..... and, uh, Nordhoff is not any better now??? and they beat Oaks Christian, who played the St. Bonaventure juggernaut better than almost everyone else on the schedule.

The Pac-7 IS better than the LPL, but it's not by as much as you think.

Here's hoping A'town can win it all, and they are tough enough to do it if they don't have turnovers, because they are able to make every game a defensive one.

Anonymous said...

Anyoen watch the Oregon game last night? You better take care of Logan Budd or the season is over. That's the downside to a one man show. Football is a team sport.

Anonymous said...

I hope the coach gets Budd out of the game as soon as they have a good lead. He needs to last thru the championship game.

ATOWN!! said...

anon 922-

I might agree with you that MB might be as good as Atown THIS YEAR...if they make it past the
3rd round and Atown doesn't make it past the second round.....but if Atown plays Saugus who is insanely good, maybe better than BON, and puts up a close game...and MB sneaks by their 3rd round...then I won't agree!

Here's the big question....if Atown beats Saugus in 2nd round but loses to 3rd round...and MB beats their 3rd round....will people still think MB is as good as Atown?...

Anonymous said...

I think one thing that is going unsaid that that Pac-7 and the LPL were spilt up because of school enrollment. SLO, A-Town, and Paso are at least double the size of MB. More students means more players to pull. I'm Morro Bay alum from the early 90's and I did play on the Football team, Back then the LPL consisted of PR, A-Town, MB, SY, SJ, Cabrillo. We got thumped every year. But the school size comparisons were huge. Back then MB was only 800+ by far the smallest in the league (other then SJ but they were private and could recruit) It wasn't fun.....we would have about 20 guys on our roster and everyone else in league had 45 plus. It's like putting Cal Poly in the WAC next season.......I live in the valley now and I try and keep up with my old team. I think it's neat what these kids are doing and instead of ripping MB because they play in a so called smaller league why don't we all back them up because they do represent the Central Coast. I hated seeing Paso,A-Town
and SLO win the LPL and the Northern leagues but come playoff time I wanted them to beat the crap out of anyone from So-Cal. Be proud of your teams don't rip them cause they played in a smaller league. GO Central Coast!!!!

By the way we all know the SLO Tribune is going to pick someone from SLO High for MVP anyways....That paper is so Hometown biased it makes me sick!

MB 92

Anonymous said...

Morro bay would get get beat by at least three touchdowns to both paso and atown. there boys are just to small to play with the big boys. even if they win cif we wont know if they are actualy that good unless they played in a state bowl championship

Anyway if zack thorne gets voted mvp I will go nuts slo votes way to much and they win every poll
he is single handidly winning games for his team

Anonymous said...

Don't worry. County Player of the Year is not decided by this poll. It is voted on by coaches and press people, Logan Budd will surely win.

Anonymous said...

Budd should be county player of the year and I am a SLO coach. SLO players should be
1st team
Schultz qb
Rose wr
Dubois te
thorne lb
fitzsimmons dl
Miller db
Nadalsky P

2nd Team
LeWelling rb
Cramer ol
Lindgren olb
Farkwye db

Hon Mention
Palmer db, Egan lb, Cebulla dl,

Anonymous said...


A'town would beat Morro Bay by 3 TDs. Ha!!! Urban legend by fools that do not watch the games!

With Terry, Templeton could beat A'town. Morro Bay would beat A'town.

Anonymous said...

Nick and Trevor of A town= Steroids, everyone knows that